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when adnan sami danced in pakistan

I had sat down a couple of minute ago with a very heavy heart to rant about my personal struggles with people…two lines into my diatribe I was interrupted by a strange sensation…..the chair I was sitting on seemed to be wobbling….could it?
I grew alert….I had not been in a very rosy state. I thought maybe it’s just me feeling this odd sensation. I thought my head was spinning around. I focused, it surely wasn’t me, the chair – metal with a spring mounted back- was indeed wobbling. Could it be an EARTHQUAKE? I had felt the one that shook Gujarat, I had then thought it was some truck passing by. But this time I should have checked if the fan was oscillating, but I didn’t. Instead I looked out of the window. It is said animals run for shelter before an earthquake hits. The birds were sitting on the ledge like nothing had happened, creating further doubts in my mind. I got up and still could feel the ground tremble underneath me. It was a strange sensation, as if standing on a big block of solid jello. That earthquakes can cause solid earth to behave like a liquid is a known fact. Alarmed by my instincts I ran upstairs to my parent’s room to tell them about it, I didn’t need to; my mother was apparently trying to reach me on the intercom to tell me. I was right! IT WAS AN EARTHQUAKE!
Soon the tremor died down. I looked outside to see the neighbors all outside their houses with a look of fear on their faces. Funny, since all this while I was taking this quivering of the earth a some kind of joke….”ooh look at me I felt an earthquake!!”
I switch the TV. on and the breaking news is indeed the earthquake, man these channel are truly fast like they claim to be…there is no death toll as yet…lets keep our fingers crossed and hope there is none.

Addendum: at its epicenter the earthquake measured at 7.6 on the Richter. The tremor in Delhi lasted for more than 2 minutes. With minor disruptions in Jammu and Kashmir, but no loss of life reported.

Addendum 2: as I check the news today i.e.9th of October the death toll is mounting. More than 300 people in India and a staggering 18000 in Pakistan are now confirmed dead.


just a thought

There are people whom no distance can separate then there are those who don’t need the distance to grow apart

that music thing

I am unable to decide which mettalica song Is my favorite I have been listening to “whiskey in the jar” on repeat for the whole day (well not exactly) … however before I could proclaim that this was the song I liked the most I rediscovered “the memory remains”….the part where the lady sings in the video is one haunting image burnt into my mind…so I switched my vote to this one…. But then I like “st. anger” as well I like “frantic” more. No I like unforgiven-I or maybe unforgiven –II. Maybe I like enter sandman. I like that mission impossible song “I disappear” as well…I specially liked hetfields guitar in the video…black diamond plate …lovely.
People who have heard whom the bell tolls that mettalica performed in conjunction with Dj Spooky which also featured on the spawn OST love it…I do.
I am thinking I love all of mettalicas back catalogue…know what? I think I love audioslave more…!! 😉

Depeche mode are back yippee…!!!