The Duplicator


I wanted the duplicator, maybe I really needed it..

The duplicator was going to be the big thing, to propel me forward, the business idea I had been looking for.
It was a large machine, with hundreds of thousands of metal plates inside that created a sound which could only be called instant headache.
To cut a long story short, I gathered a bunch of these machines from the length and breadth of the country, mostly through means outside the purview of the law of the land. I assembled a team of skilled workers and scientists, whether they liked it or not, To run these machines, understand them and then build me the ultimate duplicator,
my gateway to success.

After much toil ,coercion and the passing what seemed like an eternity I was called to the workshop, the duplicator, they said, was ready.I arrived with much expectation and soon enough the machine was fired. The sound of a million call bells, a million steel dishes falling from a height ,  a million nails on a blackboard,  a million gongs being rang, a million car horns, the irritating kind and then some more, in  the most random order, the staccato sound of your head exploding , this was it.
I fumbled for the kill switch and pressed it, much to my relief but before I could even take a breath it started again, this time it rang with such severity that my soul was woken up and it knew…


this was the stupid 6:30 am alarm on my cellphone!


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