Monthly Archives: January 2008

excuse me Arnold, But I Am Back!

It’s been nearly a year, so what has changed?
Tony Blair was still the prime minister, not a single soul had read HP and the deathly hallows
Almost a years worth of water has since passed under the proverbial bridge, I have travelled 7 countries , grown, atured, switched jobs, ….and yeah my car now sounds effing awesome!!
I apologize if I turn this into just an update post, though I doubt it would be uninteresting that way…this past year has been one of the most eventful of my life ( like the others 😀 ) and it would be a shame if I didn’t share it with you.
Since I got my CA certification new doors have opened, as I said I have grown emotionally, as a human and in the greater scheme of things…matured. Some of the new found life experiences meant a re-look at many things . What resulted was snapping out of a relationship that wasn’t doing any of us any good.
It was messy, and I hope her wounds have healed…it wasn’t easy for me, though I still do not know what the movie “300” have to do with it 😛 ( don’t worry if you are lost….long story)
Its been bad, but a lot has been good too…like spending my birthday 30,000 feet in the air with the most beautiful stranger, riding the most insane roller coaster in the world, bungee, playing on my new Nintendo wii, lazing on a secluded beach with not a worry in my mind, partying in a Brazilian club with people who knew English just as well as I speak Swahili….zilch!
This was the year when I knowingly broke laws and drove at a break neck 140 mph (220 Kph) on the freeways in a country I shall not name here. When I first tried sushi, walked in sub zero New York ,and climbed the Inca pyramids. This life is beautiful and I am back in the business…. I will make every effort to keep writing regularly.
Expect travelogues and pictures soon!
Song playing in my head : Back in Black ( *Sniggers*)