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Life, 38000 feet high

Velvet Blue sky
The shining sun
Floating cloud plumes
over terminal C, gate 81

Shark fins circle
Not hungry for food
Form an orderly queue
for the stairway to heaven

Metal Birds of wonder,
Others sharks and whales
lurch forward and launch
rising, into the abyss

Giant metal kites
inscribing a grey/white line
sways with the wind
fades into a distant dot

Flying metal tube
Itinerant inside
time zones, seven seas
Passing me by

Written on the back of a newspaper at another faceless terminal at Newark Liberty Airport, November 2008


Smiling speechless :)

I saw her at the reception and recognised her, the same cute Peruvian girl who managed the frontdesk the last time I stayed at the Marriott, which was a little more than a year ago. But I stayed mum.
Just how many folks would have passed through these gates and stayed in the these rooms over the past one year? Its a big hotel after all.
As i turned to collect the cutlery I had come downstairs for, “welcome back”, she said.

She remembered!!

And I smiled.

I know its not much, but little things like this make your day.

Hope you had a good one!

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