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Totally random happy hippie rant! :P

Its just that kinda day, and i wouldn’t change it for anything!
The music wafting in the air is the most beautiful ever written ( for today) my commute seemed smooth ( or so it seemed) i am playing pranks all along, having my share of fun.
Some of the pranks were on traffic cops, who looked bemused at the sight of a full grown man ( sigh, i have aged) semi dancing to music they could not hear!
Some others were directed at a hapless girl, looking to score a new boyfriend.


Umm, yes I got your number girl, but It does not mean I dig you in THAT way! The first time you called on the phone it was pretty much clear that you lacked the grey matter and that is enough for me to rule you OUT! …..if i was interested in you that is!

So i have been thwarting off advances for some weeks now, avoiding parties where i know she will be and trying to stay clear if she and i happen to be in the same place. I don’t dance so close unless you were my girlfriend and umm…you’re not 😛

This latest incident started this Sunday evening, I avoided a call with the age old excuse of a headache! ( it can get you an off from work, chores, sex and girls too)

SO! the following text conversation transpires ( reproduced faithfully) :

GIRL : Hi my pradster! hw ru feeling now?

ME( In a happy mood listening to music in my car) : Awful Awful awful. Fucked. exploited.over worked. frustrated. idiotic. lazy.sleepy. crap!

( I do not even know these emotions, did i write this??!!)

I chuckled a bit, and then i chuckled a bit more. Poor girl, would be scratching a head or trying to find a place to hide; with all the jaded emotions (?) i threw at her! ha ha ha!

and then i decided to have more fun!!

ME : How do you feel?
Girl : Hey hey relaaaax ( yes with 4 a’s) it easy..dnt fret my child(??)..sab theek ho jaega. Talking abt me..M feeling betr..just another Manic monday 4me..was wrking today..jst got free.waiting 4 mah driver..

ME : my child?? are you adopting me? Girl: you knw wats so attractive abt you… dat…you always have your sunny side up..
so dude keep good about urself and keep ur d spirit 🙂

Okay lets cut it there, you have your sunny side up? like i am a fresh omelette! next time i hear her say/ text me that she wants me, I will run and hide for now I know she thinks I am an egg for her to eat!!!!

Lets just read through her messages…
sample this ” waiting 4 mah driver” I see what you did there, but “my” is shorter than “mah” and easier to type sure you saved two letter when you types 4 instead of “for” but then you probably wasted that time switching from alphanumeric to numerical!

use that wonderful thing called T9, your messages will be much more readable and not appear like a monkey typed it!

And do not call me honey!!!

In totally unrelated news; I love it when journo types trys to get some random dudes response to some equally random event. In the middle of a crowd.
The respondent just stares and smiles at the mike, like he was told to tell why he loves his wife.
And he is too shy to tell it on camera
While the rest of the crowd hollers away with the answer, in unison.
The pseudo journo’s plight…..priceless!

I am done with today, bring it on tomorrow!



why do we dream?

Why do we dream? What are our dreams? What do the dreams mean? I believe there is so much more to dreams than we make of them, they are not t.v shows for our sleep time but lie beyond the realm of entertainment, and they are not distractions from our daily lives. To understand what dreams signify, we must look to the other end of the spectrum…lets try to understand what nightmares are.
In my opinion what we see in our nightmares are our worst fears, what scares us most, that’s why the thought of those unfavourable incidents is scary enough to warrant being called a nightmare! If nightmares are our worst fears what do our other, sweet, pleasant dreams mean?
They must be the things that we want to achieve the most, the utopia or the perfection that we wish to attain, the things that we yearn for, our inner most wishes our desires our wants, and dreams are the voice of the heart, reaching out when it cannot be drowned out by the cacophony of rationality created by the mind. We dream when we cannot reason, we cannot argue in our sleep, our day dreams are our sacred haunts.
There is nothing to tell us that our ideas are false, are stupid, and are unachievable.
The beauty of the foolhardy approach to this life is such, we shall always remember the idiot who decided to chase the castles of his dreams, even if he does not make it and falters along the way. When he does get there, the glory is his to covet, little is said about the men of wisdom who lock themselves within the four walls of lucidity claiming to know better, they are the ones who lead unremarkable lives, never attaining what they desire.
To dream is to be normal, I think it’s perfectly normal to dream, to dream big…what is not acceptable is not to chase that dream; the world would have been a different place had fools not decided that they were going to pursue their dreams no matter how absurd. People who turned the world around had the courage to stand up to their own dreams.
If you do not try you will never succeed, if you never chase that cloud it will inevitably disappear, you are bound to miss all the shots that you never take.