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“…There is no air in my stomach… heart is broken…and I feel like throwing up…”
(My 6 year old brother after a wild ride on a Ferris wheel)

“..Without you my life is dessert…”
(A love struck man’s message to his girlfriend in today’s newspaper)
Why does he still want her back? Main course?

A friend lies to a girl that he spent two years in NY. Me and R.B.T. Make wholesome fun of him (psst.. it’s the great bear!) and plan to pull his pants down at the earliest available opportunity to expose him to the world!.
(With friends like these……you should not lie!)
But then I figure he aint lying.
He has spent every night for the last 6 years dreaming of NY. Do the math.
6 X 365 X 8 = 17520 hours
Which are equal to 17520 /24 = 730 days
That makes 730/365 = 2 years!
Nice try, the hairy one!

Song playing in my head : Chemicals between us : BUSH


who says words cannot be sexy…

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see these words will move you too.