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I put my wallet and belt in the scanning tray and proceeded to the frisking point.

The security guy didn’t frisk me, but rather pored through every nook and cranny of my passport holder.

Don’t touch it!” I was told

Do i look like a junkie?


I went to retrieve my possessions,

My belt was missing…


It just wasn’t there,

why would somebody want my lovely brown belt

My wallet was still there … alright, it still had money in it

My jeans need the belt


It just was not there!

Now, I seriously could not leave it behind,

My jeans hang seriously low and without the belt….

I didn’t even wanna imagine,

At least i had my nice boxers on… just in case.


I had put it in the tray alright, I told the attendants in there.

Are you sure?

Heck i am!!

I am not imagining it, I am sober, I don’t do drugs…

My belt is my re-assurance you girl with the two tone mascara!

My jeans and hence my life depend on it.


Did the machine make it disappear?


I need one of those machines, in that case..

There is a lot of stuff that machine could make go “poof” for me,

The bills

The stupid people of this world

CPI and CPI(m) ,

I changed my mind, the whole parliament

I changed my mind again, all politicians

Don’t forget Sonia Gandhi, she gives me the hibbie jibbies

That girl

And some others too

This headache…

They ran 1,2,3,4 empty trays through that machine, to hunt for my leather hold ups

No luck

2 trays at a time

Poof, still no luck

They called for help

An end to end investigation followed suit, I had plenty of time.

They found my belt, wedged in the insides of the machine, they fought, argued, insisted

The machine didn’t give up.

I like its spirit, just the machine I need.

Then this super woman popped up, super sized woman, rather.
Bravely, she crawled into the belly of the machine, a metal detector in hand , her weapon of choice.

They waged battle, I the sight of the giant stomach popping out of her shirt..

she won, I got my belt back

As far as her exposure to gene mutating level of radiation, and her 3 eyed babies are concerned,

I am not responsible

I am just hungry

And Sleepless

( Written at 35600 feet over the Caspian sea, 500 miles away from Baku)

Song playing in my head : Kiss with a fist : Florence and the machines