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Facebook status messages update

“Pradster says bisexual girls are the Nigerian scam of love!! “


More news from nowhere

I am out of breath, my body numb. Sweat dripping , tracing a line on the back, now barely making a difference.
Each muscle in my body numb, but a strange burning sensation lurks underneath it all. They stopped complaining of pain when I pushed them over the limit, again.

As I stand here, drooped over , Adrenalin rushes through me. I feel powerful, I feel strong, I feel ready to take on this world!

The workout is over and boy….. I. FEEL. GOOD!!

Song playing on my zune : Honestly : Zwan

Can you recognise this song?

Here is something that I happened to find on the treasure trove that is the Internet.
This is called the Song chart meme, I have featured some of my favorite ones right here, lets see how many you can guess right!

Leave your answers in the comments box.

(from Song chart meme)

Pradster : New Music Edition – 1

Here are some tracks which have passed the rigorous tests that we subject them to at the secret pradster lab. I shall be posting must listen song lists or my weekly playlists for your listening pleasure, starting now!

The Future freaks me out – Motion City Soundtrack ( just can not get the opening lines out of my head!)

Pork and Beans – Weezer ( another great song by weezer, you should also check out their new video)

That’s not my name – The Ting Tings

Whoa Oh! (Me vs everyone) – Forever The Sickest Kids

A-Punk – Vampire Weekend ( another catchy song from the band famously inspired by African music!)

Good Fucking Bye – Matt Skiba ( Alkaline trio) ( love this song, have to hear it to believe it)

Discipline – Nine Inch Nails

More news from nowhere – Nick Cave ( Nick cave is back with “Dig Lazarus Dig!” I dig this!)

Time to Pretend – MGMT ( an awesome song, I love MGMT’s sound and the video is fantastic too!)

Paper Planes – MIA ( MIA strikes, this song is old news but hey…its good music!)

Take a Picture – Filter ( Will you take my picture? Coz I want your number… Beautiful!! )

Cannonball – Damien Rice ( I am in love with the lovely song and the lovely words)

Honestly – Zwan ( a song to make everyone smile J )

Amy – Mark Ronson feat. Kenna ( From Version by Mark Ronson, how your favorite songs would sound if they were made in the swinging 70’s )

Pretty Green – Mark Ronson

Your new twin sized bed – Death cab for Cutie ( one word, Awesome)

The ice is getting thinner – Death cab for Cutie

Body snatchers – Radiohead ( I know you skimped on the download fee , appreciate the song sucker! ;P )

Halloweenhead – Ryan Adams ( the adams without the B, has a great voice and a great guitar solo)

Handlebars – Flobots ( What can you do, except ride a bike with no handlebars? The Flobots answer)

Melatonin – Silversun Pickups ( I am lost in this one)

Nine in the afternoon – Panic at the Disco ( I have no idea what is nine in the afternoon, what I do know is that this is a lovely song)

Hopelist – What Made Milwaukee Famous

(I discovered the song in this beautiful video made by the guys at Zune arts. The lyrics follow)

I hope if I happen to go,
That everything goes the way that you planned it.
I know when I’m not around,
It’ll probably seem a little less panicked.
If they said that I could stick around,
Be by your side and pull you down.
I am afraid I’d make a choice that neither of us could take down again.

I didn’t ever want,
I never thought I’d be,
In a situation that defies contingency.
I didn’t ever need,
I never thought I’d see,
The day when I would share the straits of codependency.
Whoever said if you want to play the game,
You’ve got to pay the price gave sage advice.

I hope,
That maybe you know.
That you’re not alone in feeling defenseless.
You know,
when I’m not around.
It’ll probably seem a little less senseless.
But if we could try,
To entertain,
The reasons why
We feel the same.
I am afraid we’d make a choice,
That neither of us could take down.)

Pradster Out!

Song playing in my head : Hopelist – What Made Milwaukee Famous

Bill stickers is innocent!

Bill stickers is innocent and I agree 😉