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The strangers

The strangers

Your eyes meet as you prepare yourself for the trek across the road, there is a sense of surprise in her eyes, and they scream the question who is he? while you are busy sinking into those vivid pools that imagination conjures when face to face with a true beauty.
You hold yourself together and embrace a stance that screams casual nonchalance, you are used to such beauty you indicate as you cross the road, letting the woman know of your pride. It is a lie, you know because your eyes keep flirting back in her direction, begging her for a glimmer, a glance, a smile..

But they only find disdain, reserved for pompous men such as yourself, not even a second glance, so you pick up the pieces of heart,once again, and try to escape the scene of this injustice as soon as you can wishing, that she does think about you…


The Blur

The samurai

He was clad in spotless whites, His actions were graceful but visceral, the entire village swore they barely saw him move, it was over before it began,  in one lightening swift  movement he withdrew his shining double blade katana and swung it with the careless precision and effortless strength that comes naturally to such masters of the art as him. The sword mercifully rid the bounty hunter of his head which bore an expression of disbelief as it looked at the body gush blood and slowly collapse. It felt no pain, just the stillness of death as it arrived in the form of a cold, savage, darkness.

Human Resources

Also called Human Resources

“He knows exactly when to start walking away, anticipating the beginning of the ass-kicking session,but then something overpowers his intelligence and the car slots into reverse”

This is from a real conversation about real, really stupid people. People who I have had to work with. This is my Quote of the week, possibly month.

Tick Tock, TUK TUK baby!

The following is a rap song, brace yourself.


I am sitting in Auto with neon lights,

All over the city, this one shines. Bright.

Its got a giant audio system. It be Pimping,

By the time I reach home, my ears are limping.

The driver’s supercool, his name is Jigness

He hangs his attitude around the meter,

And sticks it in your face!

He’s got pictures of Shahid Kapoor and Ajay Devgun,

This dude is so fly, he just fucked a NUN!

Driving around putting Scooty’s in their place, without fail,

There is a knight in this shining auto, Named Jigness Patel.





(written in the back-seat of an Auto with blue neon lights,Driven by Jigness Patel. Baroda 2010)