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This is a repost of a list of some of my favorite songs, in case you missed them…

Although its very hard but I am today trying to post a list of twenty something of favorite songs. I have the already hard job of choosing from all the songs that I so so love …Don’t expect me to be able to rank them as well…..;-)

One of the eternal favorites, the sweet melody of this song is what got me, Dylan’s effortless delivery makes this song an eternal soother. Never mind the references to pot. “Knocking on heavens doors” and “like a rolling stone” come a close second and third. The best thing about Dylan’s folk sound is its simplicity.

Nirvana was one of the best things to hit mother earth. The raw power and energy of this song is felt not described. One of my favorite past times as a kid was to turn up the stereo full blast and listen to Nirvana’s Nevermind, which contained powerhouses like “lithium”, “in bloom” and “drain you” not to forget “come as you are” other than the obvious “smells like teen spirit”. All apologies originally featured in “in utero” Kurt cobain later played the song in unarguably the best unplugged performance ever for MTV. Its had to try hard to choose just one Nirvana song , they are one of the best if not THE best that the world has seen.

The quite Beatle GEORGE HARRISON didn’t quite get the recognition he deserved as a songwriter. While McCartney and Lennon hogged most of the limelight he was happy plugging away and writing brilliant songs such as this one. One of the ultimate feel good songs, along with the “Radha Krsna Temple” produced by him it represents the vast work done by Harrison. The beautiful guitar strains tuned to closely resemble the sound of a sitar weave their magic. ”the smiles returning to the faces……”

I really can’t get enough satisfaction listening to this song; this song really charges me up for more. The steady beat, the uppity strains, this song just nudges out the cover of “like a rolling stone” that the stones did as a reflection of their own rock and roll lifestyles, bloody good cover that was (the song features twice in this list) ”that what I say…….I cant get enough satisfaction”

another cover that features in this list. The Fugees took a great classic and made it another fantastic song. Marley’s nostalgic lyrics were done justice by his son. I heard this song when I was about 11 and its one of my favorites since then. Needless to mention this song too has great sounding guitar , holding the song together.

One of the common features of most of these songs is that I have been fond of them since I was a kid and this song is no exception. The beats and the haunting sound ensured that this song remained stuck in my mind, the way the boss sung it ensured I loved it. The wonderful lyrics and the backing vocals ensure that this is a great song.

a deviation from the pattern of this list this IS a great song. I absolutely love the music that the chemical brothers churn out from their labs this song has an amazing folksy sound coupled with a really really amazing melody and great vocals. The timing of this song is breathtaking. The transition from the slow to fast is executed so well. This is one song to unwind to …amazing!

i love death in vegas and their monster hit Scorpio rising, this song has great sound and some very “different” lyrics …including the line that forms my email signature”…I want to go to heaven never been there before, I want to go to heaven so you kill me some more….” A call by a lover while making love …and getting transported to heaven…fantastic!. The song was accompanied by a very stunning video featuring Japanese warrior ninja’s….simply amazing.

Reznik and his band create this amazing song, which sounds better in its acoustic form, the song has lovely lyrics and touches more than a cord with me, as is the case with nearly all songs on this list this too features lovely guitarwork.

Haddaway’s only major success I heard this song as a kid and fell instantly in love with it.Still love it.

I loved this song but didn’t find out who had written it till about 5 years it after came out.I have sung this song to more than one girlfriend, coz I love this song. the Gallagher brothers in best form…ever!

Few people can give covers a new identity. you expect young bands to do covers of big oldies, but here was cash on his last album before his death ,took Trent reznors song and made it his own. Somewhat autobiographical….chillingly real ….painfully good. Amazing song!

another one of the acoustic guitar songs…this one is special, I am a green day fan and this is in my opinion their best song …barring maybe “when I come around”

This single from the mega album “rush of blood to the head” is simply breath taking, all of the songs from the album could have been here….this song is here since its about love and messing it up… I identify with this song. And it’s beautiful.

I am not much of an Elvis fan . there are only some songs of his I can listen to without demanding a wage. This one is different….it is amazingly simple and true…making it a classic.

Mettalica’s song about pirates and cons has amazing tempo, excellent guitar and that zing which makes you jump up and take notice. The guitar riffs in the middle section make you wish you could play like that.

“In my dreams I am drowning all the time…” enough said.

The ultimate call, this song about diamond like oceans and happiness …makes you wish you were there. The poetic descriptions are the icing on the cake of the excellent guitar melody.

The ramones has lyrics so stupid they were intelligent. Even my 6 year old brother knows ‘hi ho lets go……” that the tune is catchy is an understatement…its addictive!

U2 is an eternal favorite, they’ve yet to release a bad album and choosing just one song out of their big back catalogue is almost sacrilege, so i nominate “I still haven’t found” to this list

I was tempted to put its cover by HIM in the list but this list has enough solid covers to protect the white house, so the original forces its way in and stays there…brilliant song!

Its official -audioslave are a superband…the output of rage against the machine and soundgarden, you cannot go wrong with this combo. They’ve proved already that this song wasn’t just a flash in the pan with their second album. This song is fucking brilliant!“a nail in my hand from my creator… gave me a life now show me how to live….”

My apologies to kernkraft, blink182, linkin park ,and others for leaving them out of the list


Whats your theme?

Your Theme Song is Back in Black by AC/DC

“Back in black, I hit the sack,
I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back”

Things sometimes get really crazy for you, and sometimes you have to get away from all the chaos.
But each time you stage your comeback, it’s even better than the last!

oh yeah…

Dive bombers on germany!!

With the world cup on it is but obvious that my latest post be on football or soccer as folks in the united states know it ( funny, how they drive on the other side of the road , still don’t use metric and don’t know the sports name!)
I am in awe of all those strikers who choose to run the ball into the D after wonderful dribbling, enthralling 1-2’s and then when its time to deliver the killer kick- they fold up and dive, hoping that the referee would be as foolish as them and award them a penalty. Fuckers!. If only they use their brains and legs, and yes if only they have balls will they be ever able to score.

Then there is the ghastly sight of peter crouch on the pitch. Sincerely , to watch him play is disturbing…and that’s only half the story.he makes me almost gouge my eyes out everytime he scores a goal. Its difficult to see what Liverpool saw in the stick figure to sign him up and what in hell was Sven thinking when he picked up crouch for England duty?

And no crouch’ing ass you cannot dance..

more of Mr. Robotnic…

i was in Ur-anus!

before you ask me where i was all this while…


The speedometer read 90 but it felt more like 110 as I hurtled along the narrow road.
It was barely 20 feet wide at its best, was bumpy even though it had recently been re-laid. Throw in sharp 3 foot drops at both sides and no barriers to prevent me from going there. I was being rash. The steering wheel was jittery and the car bounced along uneasily on the smallest of the bumps making control difficult.
I was not in any hurry, the weather was pleasant – relatively speaking. I didn’t need to drive fast.

But I did, I wanted to.

The car was one I had previously been acquainted with. I learnt how to drive on her, she accompanied me to my first days in college, till we had to unceremoniously part ways and I had to swap her for another…which had been already reduced to smithereens by the time it got to me.
It was like reuniting with an old love, I was meeting an ex flame and the romance was rekindled.
I drove her hard and fast like I did when we were together. She responded to my touch and egged herself forward a fast as she could. She floundered sometimes with the low response. It didn’t matter; I understood, she had not been looked after well. Infact not looked after at all.

She was telling me her tale crying out loud and yet moving forward as I pushed her along, the stereo had conked out some month ago so it was left to me to hum her songs. The breeze at such high speeds translated into a strong side wind and I was fighting to get maximum grip out of the balding tires and keep control of the car. There was little room for error, I was driving alone without the burden of responsibility. I was free.

Sanity or rather insanity and chaos soon came back, the journey ended, I was already where I wanted to be…
Next morning I would leave, going back to the new sweethearts that I acquired since she left.
But I know she is not going anywhere I shall return in some days and then I can drive her again.. The love affair shall continue

Song playing in my head : Harder, Faster, stronger : Daft punk

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