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anothr stupid poem:away

I am up awake tonight
Wondering what you are up to.
Are you awake too?
Or are you sleeping tight?

If you are asleep
What do you dream off?
I know I dream of you ….
Even when I am awake.

You are in my mind
Never go away
Let me have you near
And dream about you night and day.

Sometimes I wish
I could make everyone disappear
Leave you and me alone.
So I can look into your lovely eyes
Forever day and night

Everyone seems to get what thy want
And I often wonder
Where’s mine?



crappy poem : do you know

Do you know?

Well, do you know?
How it’s like to love,
How it’s like not to be able to say…
What you want to.

Do you know?
What I am unto in my nights
And whether do I have the sun rise up on m, ever
And say it’s a day?

I …always get misunderstood
I am the baddest guy around,
But my intentions are good

Maybe I don’t know how to talk
Maybe not even write
But that’s what you do to me
Surprise surprise

Do you ever feel?
In your heart that pain
Like it’s a black rain
That you are soaked in

The real you is always behind a cloud
Or dressed in a black shroud
Never seen again

Let my dry my eyes
I don’t want to make a scene
I don’t want to let anyone into
What I have been

Did ever have this moment
Which you could swear was a dream
Or real life and you are scared
It can even be a nightmare

And what if I fail
To wake up from this state

poem:the currents

The Currents

I speculate
I play with my beliefs
I tried to throw away everything I had faith in
I tried to change myself
I tried to change you
I tied hard to force my views
I thought I knew better than you
I am wiser now
Time has taught me well
Only thing I would wish to change now is
Why it had to be the hard way.
I have always had faith in you
I have known to respect whatever you do.
I now know you have your reasons for whatever you do
Some which I do not know.
I trust you with my life
I think I will go with the flow
I am hoping that the passing currents of timeWill carry me to your door.

intolorable cruelty

I am also taking the liberty to subject you to the inhuman punishment of browsing through poem written by yours truly, bouquets and brickbats are welcome

(Bad poetry with a good intention)

Please don’t hold my hand
You make me go wild
We can talk for hours
But just don’t look into my eyes
Don’t tell me you secrets
Don’t tell me I am the one
I cannot take it. I’ll die
It honestly gets too much for me
Just to feel your velvet touch
I cannot imagine what it would be like
When you pour out your heart
Will I find a nook there to live?
Will I stay abandoned by love?
Would I try hard tomorrow?
I cannot say without a doubt
I will love you forever
I just want you to know

If I cannot call
Does not mean I do not miss
Those pearly drops of laughter
Strung by a smile on your lips
I die to hear your voice on the other side of the phone
It’s true when they say love hurts
Even more when you suffer the pain alone
I miss those moment spent
In the company of a queen
Your royal highness I beg forgiveness
For if I cannot say what I mean.
If I hold the words back in me. Or they just run out on me.
If I dry out my eyes. I promised not to cry
Since I don’t announce your name …from the sky
You are sincerely on higher ground.
I realize deserve you I don’t.
The end I do not doubt
But hope is my nature
I live on with it in my heart…..Somehow

who needs the left??

One agrees with the lefts contention against raising of fuel prices, on the other hand their motivation and methodologies stink foul. Petrol prices in India are one of the highest in the world due to heavy duties imposed by both the state and union governments ,they hurt people like me the most since I have to ration my pocket money on petrol or….not take the car at all. Coming back to the point the leftist agitation rather than being a meaningful exercise has just been an eyewash, a pressure tactic aimed at arm twisting the UPA and giving the left an opportunity to tell the world how it champions the cause of the poor and downtrodden..(not me!).
It makes me wonder since the poor and downtrodden have not exactly disappeared from west Bengal. Instead institutions affiliated to the same left parties agitate against them for their “Anti Poor” policies in Bengal, the much maligned words disinvestment and privatization are discussed in writers house with respect accorded to seraphs from heaven. Foreign investment in Bengal is not a pariah anymore.
Yet the same commies raise such a stink on the same issues in the center… schizophrenia anyone??India is full of schmucks who will oppose things vehemently yet offer no viable alternative. In this regard I have a Note for PC (the FM for those not tuned in ) I am opposed to the price hike just like the reds but I will offer you a solution as well . Simply reduce the taxes on crude oil imports so as to reduce the burden on the oil companies and to compensate for the reduction revenue on account of duties you could raise more money if you imposed a token tax on agricultural income exceeding Rs. 100000 . the rate of taxation being a mere 5%(minimum) this way you could raise money from the cream of the agricultural sector and tap into this hitherto untapped part of India’s earning populace

where are we headed?

I have just returned from a brief vacation in Sridham Mayapur ,situated approximately two and a half hours outside kolkatta by train it is an island of serenity amidst the chaos that is synonymous with the state of West Bengal.
Away from so called “civilization” for a week inside the beautiful Mayapur Chandrodaya temple , one can not help but notice the anarchy prevailing in the world outside.Of particular concern is the state of political affairs in the country, the authority without responsibility vested in the hands of the Left has disturbing consequences for all, also a disturbing element is the failure of the BJP to play the role of a constructive opposition. This point has been voiced now for a long time, the previous opposition did not set a good precedent agreed -however, two wrongs have still not been conclusively proven to make a right despite the belief in the same

welcome to my blog

Welcome to the first edition of my blog. I plan to write about practically everything under the sun, I just hope I can put the bulk of my ideas across without stepping on many peoples toes (there are bound to be some, and I do not think I can really avoid that). I may sound controversial, I may ignore your point of view-but then its MY BLOG, MY VIEWS. Take them or leave them.