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I had been tagged by cheesy quite a while back, so now finally I am putting my head on the chopping block.
Your views and opinions are welcome and those who fit the bill. You know where I am at!

The rules of the game are:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again

Sex of target: female

My Perfect Lover:

  1. Innocence: the world is a bad bad place; I would love to be the one to shield her from the hell out there. And that innocence provides that extra spark!

  1. Trust: I put blind faith in the people I love, I all I wish for is that my trust be reciprocated.
  1. Music: I know this is weird, but the ultimate turn off for me is a woman who has no taste in music. She should love music just as much as I do.

  1. Humor: I think I am funny; I like to see the brighter side of things. As I said earlier there are plenty of things in this world to cry about, give me someone I can laugh to death with. In short she should be able to appreciate good humor.
  1. Smile: the biggest turn on as far as I am concerned, I am attracted to a smile like bee to honey!

  1. Patience: I am a slow mover, I am not going to propose on the fourth date, but when I say those magic words to you …I mean them. I have a patient ear, I can listen to you for hours on end but hey you can do the same some times right?
  1. Romance: I am a stickler for romance, those sweet nothings, lying together gazing into each other eyes. That pearly laughter….I’ll die for it.

  1. Tolerance: I might love my cars, bikes and priyanka chopra but they’ll never take your place. So when I drool at a car, don’t sweat she’s not a threat. You can co-exist. As for priyanka chopra….ahem if I do get hooked up with her….wake me up!  And let me know you’re better than her….you know how 😉

And since I am such a rule bender/breaker I am not going to tag anybody just drop in a comment saying you’ve tagged yourself and we’ll come to check it out ….Pradster out!

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They are the future..

Warning: the following post includes lots of pent up anger and a hell full of expletives, though by the end of the post you would agree with me….

It wasn’t my intention to write anything down today. I was lazily flicking through the channels trying to take a break, that is till I came across this utterly gruesome video of a small 3 year old being mercilessly thrashed around by his nanny! The parent were apparently worried for their child and had installed a hidden camera to monitor the activities while they were at work.
“Fucking bitch!” Was my instant reaction as I started imagining the horrors this child must have gone before this tape was made , as the poor boy – wailing at the top of his voice , begging for mercy- was beaten non stop by that satanic swine. The only fault of the kid? He disturbed the whore as she watched T.V.
my blood is boiling over with rage even as I write this, I am wondering what the parents of the boy must have done. If some sadistic asshole were to even touch my kid or  for that matter any kid I swear to god I would I have mad them wish they were dead before they touched the kid!
Its no secret that I adore kids , its only logical to protect what I love from these messengers of hell who mess up many childhoods with the treatment that they met out to these helpless children who are *their* responsibility.
This follows for all people Parents, Teachers and Nannies give a child love and he will respond with love. Mess with his emotions, use the rod and you have just activated a time bomb just waiting to explode.
I am sick of all those bastards using their own fucked up childhoods as an excuse to abuse innocent kids who cannot fathom why they get this rough treatment. If you cannot raise kids with love don’t have them! Nannies that treat children badly can be fired, jailed but what about parents who do the same to their kids?
I have personally seen parents publicly humiliating their kids , hitting them and I feel like pulling out a gun and emptying full magazines on such freaks.
These children are our future we need to treat them with care so they can grow up as good citizens and not bagfuls of hate who will give the world what they received from the fuckers they knew as mom and dad!

I suggest the bitch who beat that child be paid back in the same currency publicly, so that people like these learn not to treat powerless children badly!

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Girl spotting!

It’s been a good day!
R.B.T was here he’ll be in Delhi for some more days till he sets base for the next 6 months in Bangalore. Hopefully his visa will be restored and h can go back to the states.
But it was good to see him again after a long time; we go back a long way 19 years to be precise. Let me throw some more numbers at you that’s 86.36 % of my life , I am 22 so I have known ever since I can recall! To say that he is my best mate would be a massive understatement.
So there we were grabbed some lunch in Connaught place at a place called “Piccadelhi” …lol.
The plan was to check out “wedding crashers” but that didn’t happen, the search for some good DVD’s at pallika also turned a big zero. All that those people had in stock was second rate Hollywood and porn! While I was looking for Monty Python!
Some more time was whiled away strolling and trying to shop in C.P.
And some more time spent at café coffee day where your truly drank hot chocolate…my perennial favorite!!
There was plan a plan for NM to turn up for a movie but she refused, I might go with her tomorrow.
Tired of circling around Connaught place R.B.T and I decided to haunt khan market.
And an excellent decision it was, I ran into some hot chicks from my school there was hint of recognition, a smile and unfortunately not much else! Except some heartburn!!… 😀
And spotted more hot chicks….and made a resolution to haunt the place more often!
Also spotted a Porche cayenne, an absolute smile bringing humdinger of a car.
While R.B.T then proceeded to visit the Brisk Walker I headed home…tired after a long day out and wishing that my best buddy was around more often so we could talk politics, sports and most importantly chicks!

Hey turtle boy! You’ll be missed…as you have been for so long!

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Stolen….from Post secret

On days like these when there is nothing worthwhile to do. I stop, look heavenwards.
Thank you god for punk rock!

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I got tagged by the big cheese. Who derives her fame from the hit song…”tu cheese badi hai mast mast”. Okay, now I am acting cheesy.
Time  for the real stuff


I prefer to eat milk powder raw!.
I buy these cartons of milk powder but I haven’t ever made a single cup of milk out of it, I instead prefer to eat it raw. And I think it’s yummy!

I talk to myself!
Yeah you heard it right, I actually talk to myself! Not just in the mind but also talk; as in verbal self to self communication. Helps me get both sides of the coin and consult with the many me’s!

I love r/c cars!
I am 22 and I haven’t yet gotten over my r/c (radio controlled) cars and my car collectibles. I still buy new hot wheels models and 1:18 scale replicas of beautiful cars!

I make faces in the mirror!
Leave me alone in front of the mirror and you’ll find me staring at it, making faces…Talking to myself as I stated earlier. I know I am weird!

I am the twisted transistor!
I was given the sobriquet “Master of All Negative Creations” in school for my knack at writing parodies and twisted songwriting I am so good at it that Weird Al Yanukovic can  take a tip or two from me!. I am also good at extracting hitherto unknown meaning out of known songs/stories and posses that special ability to redecorate pictures to alter whole situations or scenes. I also posses the art of printed text manipulation! I remember we had this chapter called “The Fall of Icarus” in my book it read “The Ball Of Icarus” and the accompanying illustration was suitable altered to reflect that joyous moment in his life when he played soccer with wings strapped to his back!

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Metro what?

There I was, standing with an unruly mop at the top of my head; staring at the closed shutters.
My barber just went out of business, with no notice, no warning, leaving me and my messy hair clueless!
Since then I have been trying out different places, some seemed good but were bad and the rest were awful!
Then there was this one place which I thought I could adapt to, and when I thought I had , it too went out of business!
I could not let my hair grow like a hippie, something had to be done. So after some more experimentation I have finally found this new place; which – unlike the previous places which were your just above average neighborhood barbershops – is an up market unisex salon where I have to pay thrice the amount I used to pay earlier…but I am satisfied.
Wait a minute! I know you are wondering why in hell I am droning about salons of all things, so let me get straight to the point!

This new pace has been a revelation of sorts. Every time I go there it is flooded with men and none of them are getting their haircuts; instead I see those getting facials, manicures, getting their hair colored, pedicures and that kind of stuff. To be frank I am amazed.
Okay I am putting things into stereotypes, clichés and so on, but isn’t all this the sole preoccupation of women?
This seems to be the new model for judging men, “The Metro sexual”. Men who are in touch with their feminine sides apparently go by this term, some years ago they were called Gays, Queers, and “Hijra”.
Today it is expected behavior.
I really believe that this is that old feminist movement out to play havoc with men, making sissies out of perfect men ;p. such is the hype, men are eager to be bracketed into this category!
With the rise of the metro sexual male the old guard shall soon give way to pansies and the old fashioned macho man may soon be extinct. All brought about by the need to look better!
Personally I am all for personal hygiene ( :p ), but this is stretching things way too far.
It’s not all negative though, at least now couples will be able to bond together well. Couples of all varieties same sex or heterosexual (Ha Ha!) can now visit the salon instead of the mall for spending quality time together. Imagine this “oo honey lets get a facial done!” atrociously funny and weird!
Relaxation for them might be sitting together gazing into each other’s eyes while some attendant gives them a pedicure. Gosh! What is this world coming to?
This however is my sole opinion, for now. If some future girlfriend were to insist that I get some beauty treatment, hell… I’ll junk all my theories and sit there with some alien goo on my face…


DA Grichy Camode!

Some posts ago I mentioned Dan Brown and called his novels trash. The comment invited questions and comments “Dan Brown trash? What makes you say that? Could you elaborate?”

I can and I am writing this down just to do that. I admit I didn’t read Da Vinci’s Code till last year when Mals picked it up and recommended that I might get a read as well. The novel was already a Big and acclaimed hit by then so it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. But.

I was disappointed.

I was disappointed the novel read hardly like a book but more like the script for a Hollywood movie!

I was disappointed the characters were so clichéd

I was disappointed the climax was so tame

I was disappointed by the lack of respect Mr. Brown has for the reader’s intelligence.

The great bubble was burst; the hype surrounding the novel seemed so fake. Manufactured.

The story follows something like this, this leader of a secret society, guarding the biggest secret in the Christian world. Invites this total unknown dude from America to give him all his secrets. Gets murdered. His sexy and brilliant grand daughter comes into the scene.
Helps Mr. unknown with all the secrets of her grandpa.

The very last piece of evidence that the duo gathered proved to me that either Dan Brown is stupid or he thinks his readers are!
The fact that Da Vinci practiced mirror writing is a well known fact, yet the very wise very educated protagonist spend the equivalent of an eternity trying to crack a code which is not there at all….oh so very stupid.

I wanted a refund!


I decided to give Dan Brown another chance so I picked up another of his novels “Digital Fortress”
I got what I expected

I expected the characters to be clichéd
They were. How about the 170IQ hot blonde! , the Playboy Professor, the disfigured computer genius, the ruthless tycoon and the deaf and mute cold blooded assassin

I expected the climax to be tame
It was

I expected Mr. Brown to think his reader was a fool
He thought so! Mr. Brown thought that his reader is Dumb; the supposedly intelligent protagonists spend half an hour finding something taught to all of us in 11th grade chemistry.
What crap!

And to add to it all it seemed to me that Brown had been watching the hit Bruce wills movie “Mercury Rising” about the NSA and mythical codes and he probably sat down and wrote down this novel the very next day!

All in all I am not a fan of his writing though others may differ from my opinion, you are most welcome to hold your views. If I were to prescribe an airport thriller to you for a quick read it would be The Broker by John Grisham. No brainy stuff here even Grisham admits he is not sure if any stuff is accurate buts it makes a good “time pass” as we say in India!
Take care……Pradster out !

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Road Rage

Today, apparently was “Get lost and Ask for Directions” Day. I have lost count of the number of people who dropped anchor in the middle of the road to ask for directions to wherever they were going to. I wish they were all guided to one big hole where they could rust till eternity with their cars.
Then there was that dude who chose to park his car in an awkward spot; to grab some “chole bhature” I hope he had some extra beers with it…so that he could crash his car into a wall. That will make it one moron less on the roads of Delhi.
Then there are these already drunk bus drivers….I am hoping CAT or JCB starts making a car like thingy with a rake or demotion ball in front so that I can crush these errant drivers and road huggers, I just pump up the stereo, press the accelerator and let go at these scum on the roads!

I guess they know I would do this…that’s why they don’t make cars like that!
I think I have flashed more middle finger salutes today in an hour than I ever did in a whole week! And poor ash had to wait for me while I was stuck behind these abject asses.
Or maybe I should get one of those REALLY loud horns installed, that will scare the Mickey out of these people then!


Stolen from the cheesy termite!


1. Nervous Habits – a Bad Temper, I let go at anyone near me
2. Are you double jointed – No
3. Can you roll your tongue – which way?
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time – oh yes! I can even do an impersonation of “the rock”
5. Can you blow spit bubbles – yes…big ones…lol!
6. Can you cross your eyes – yes I can. Gives me a headache though
7. Tattoos – unfortunately I have none, but I have plans to get some done!
8. Piercing – I wanted to get my eyebrows pierced but then I didn’t want to get kicked out of my house…so didn’t get it done!
9. Do you make your bed daily – no, only occasionally, Infact I am happy to find the bed just like I left when I get back home from work. I do not have to disturb the other wise perfect surroundings when I snuggle back in!


10. Which shoe goes on first – Right, it’s a habit
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? Yes, I remember when I was 10 or 11 I had a fight with a cousin of mine; I beat him even though he was bigger. He had been troubling me for long time. Even after we were separated by family members I had enough pent up anger inside me to pick up a shoe and fling it at him. My aim was god and it hit him SMACK on the face. I know its bad but I really enjoyed this and he deserved it. Though I got lot of Bad rep for it.
12. On the average, how much money do you carry – between 1500-2500.but it’s like a black hole I put money in my wallet and whoosh its gone a short while later!
13. What jewelry do you wear 24/7 – no jewelry, I just wear my beads in the neck.
14. Favorite piece of clothing – my jeans!


15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it – twirl it round and round and round!
16. Have you ever eaten Spam -Nopes…I am vegetarian
17. Do You Use Extra Salt on Your food – yes. My food is saltier than the Dead Sea!
18. How many cereals in your cabinet – 3-4 maybe 5 all from the Kellogg’s portfolio I guess!
19. What’s your favorite beverage – Milo!
20. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant – Nirula’s.i have eaten in there ever since I can remember. Now that place is closing down and I feel so bad!
21. Do you cook – yes! I love to cook! And what do I cook…almost anything!
22. Do you swear – yes! And a lot! I am good at actually inventing new and embarrassing cusses. That’s why I earned the sobriquet “master of all negative creation”…lol!
23. Do you ever spit – no!


24. Animal – big cats like the lion and tiger. Aren’t they just majestic?
25. Food – Italian. Lasagne in particular I have the tendency to smear all my food with lots and lots of cheese. So that’s another one!
26. Month – as far as I am concerned all are the same.
27. Day – Fridays and Saturdays. Since they got good shows on T.V. on these days!
28. Cartoon – all of them, yes all of them. I haven’t met a cartoon I didn’t like!
29. Shoe Brand – I don’t have any preferences as such. I have nice, rbk, puma, bata, hush puppies, rockport, and red tape….actually an embarrassingly large number of shoes for a man.
30. Subject in school – history!
31. Color – red and blue….red is my power color!
32. Sport – football/soccer
33. TV show – All of them!
34. Thing to do in the spring – go for long walks and soak in the beauty.
35. Thing to do in the summer – fry in the heat!
36. Thing to do in the autumn – celebrate diwali!!
37. Thing to do in the winter – be able to wear all the clothes you like…at one time!!


38. In the CD player – “bullshit” that’s the label of a custom cd I burned!
39. Person you talk most on the phone with – Mals…but I haven’t talked much to her lately.
40. Reading – catch 22 by Joseph Heller
41. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows/mirrors – yes…why is that a crime?
42. What color is your bedroom – cream?
43. Do you use an alarm clock – occasionally
44. Window seat or aisle – Windows. Aisles make me sick!


45. What’s your sleeping position – on my sides. Technically called the fetal position. I sleep with pillows between my legs!!
46. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket – no but I do use a sheet.
47. Do you snore – not that I have heard!
49. Do you talk in your sleep – like the radio!
48. Do you sleepwalk – I am beginning to think yes! Some time ago I found that the fan would be switched on while I slept. This went on for a week and nobody else knew about it…I figured it’s either me sleepwalking or my room is spooked! Scary in either case!
50. Do you sleep with stuffed animals – no!!! Lol!
51. How about with the light on – if I am sleepy I can, but I prefer the lights off
52. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on – if I am sleepy and something boring is on.
53. Last interesting person you met – Met Neha and divzz a couple of days ago!

Because the cheesy termite did it!
but she is kind and i am not so i tag Keshi, Michael and kath!

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