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Ode to De Mestral


Fickle human relationships,

like velcro bonds,so strange,

Easily attached, detached and re-arranged


Life, 38000 feet high

Velvet Blue sky
The shining sun
Floating cloud plumes
over terminal C, gate 81

Shark fins circle
Not hungry for food
Form an orderly queue
for the stairway to heaven

Metal Birds of wonder,
Others sharks and whales
lurch forward and launch
rising, into the abyss

Giant metal kites
inscribing a grey/white line
sways with the wind
fades into a distant dot

Flying metal tube
Itinerant inside
time zones, seven seas
Passing me by

Written on the back of a newspaper at another faceless terminal at Newark Liberty Airport, November 2008


Whats yours?

Happiness is an empty road, a tank full of gas ,Music flowing into my ears and no where to reach soon.Its a walk at 3 am in an alien city, standing on top of the pyramids and watching the sun go down. Happiness is sitting on your old study desk and looking at the note you scrawled years ago “hope”. happiness is knowing you have come far. Happiness is freedom. happiness is lazy sunday mornings. Hapiness is spending the day in the kitchen and your mum saying what you cooked it good. Happiness is only she will eat it and like it. Happiness is your kid brothers smile. Happiness is coffee with friends. Happiness is a stolen glance. Happiness is that smile you got. Happiness is music. Happiness is a warm cozy bed. Happiness is dr. Pepper. Happiness is a phone call. Happiness is success. Happiness is knowing you are going to lose but still going all out to win. Happiness is light. happiness is a moment in the dark. Happiness is in touch. Happiness is a new dish, or the one you have always had. Happiness is a $3 bill. Happiness is your reflection in the pool. Happiness is recollection. Happiness is dreaming.
this is mine, whats yours?


Could they be serious? do they really mean it?
I mean ….really?
Aw chuck it…
Who am i to disagree? 😉
Have fun!
(Spotted in the parking lot of the lifestyle mall in Rajouri Garden)