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Flirting with Disaster


A bump in the road, woke me up

Just the right time.

I looked at the open, two lane, undivided highway

I looked at the speedometer, 90 kph, reasonably fast for Indian roads

I looked at the driver, he nodded.

He wasnt looking at me.

His eyes were half closed, he nodded again.

I said, nothing. I just watched.

He clumsily tried to adjust the neck rest, like a sleeping man would adjust his pillow

I watched, In rapt attention.

He leaned over and placed his elbow on the passenger seat and rested his head on his hand.

I waited for him to close his eyes and sleep.

I did not want to die. I dont want to die. But, this could be interesting.

90 kilometers per hour, he veered towards the other lane

Then back, again.

Anytime now, I thought.

“How long will it take, brother”

My colleague asked.

I looked at him, kill-joy, I muttered under my breath and went off to sleep.

Funny thing is..

He, Did not know.



Nine Inch Nails : The Slip

Trent Reznor and company are at it again, after challenging the industry distribution models with Ghosts I-IX , they bring you The Slip. Whats more like the first tracks of Ghosts, this one too is free, yes gratis, free!!

‘The Slip’ was produced by Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor plus Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder. In a statement to fans Reznor said: “Thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years. This one’s on me.”

The album is available in a variety of formats, including lossless FLAC and Wav (before you ask “why?” read on). The NIN have been encouraging fans to play around with their music, in an experiment which started with the “year zero” album remixed tracks have been featured on the band website and even released as a fully fledged album!

Track list :

‘Letting you’
‘Head Down’
‘Lights In The Sky’
‘Corona Radiata’
‘The Four Of Us Are Dying’
‘Demon Seed’

Package contains a PDF with artwork and credits

For those who like to touch, CD’s and Vinyl’s will be released in the month of June

And this time around, share it with no fear!

Click here for MP3(zip), M4A(torrent), FLAC(torrent) and WAV(torrent)