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The days, they might be hot and dreary but tonight is a lovely night to be out. I am driving at a fast clip, with the windows down, the cool Delhi breeze, hastened by my rapid onslaught ruffling my hair, Carrying with it the wonderful smells of the more earthy aspects of the city, the green lungs, the trees that the british so wisely planted.

I love this city

This beautiful city, lit with streetlights that adorn it like jewels on a necklace. This city my home, these undulating roads, so familiar, a blur as I hurtle along at roughly 36 meters for every passing second.

I find gaps in the traffic and floor the pedal, passing through tiny spaces. I am being a little reckless, my heartbeat stays level as I move further along. Leaving perhaps some surprised drivers behind.

Once you have decided to make a move, you have no option but to stick to it. Hesitate or brake and you will end up a wreck.

The reason I drive fast is not because I need to be somewhere fast, the reason I push myself to the limit is not because I need to show off, the reason why I am doing 130 kms per hour at 10:30 is because I can. The reason I am driving with the wind is because with the world reduced to a blur, the music playing in the background and my feet on the gas in my lovely car, I am free.

So here I am, a blur, taking my chances, rolling headfirst into the future, nary a worry on my mind. For I know, there will be bumps on the road, an occasional traffic check and the odd roadblock but I am in the driver’s seat and I am going to see all of this through with the mindless determination of an oaf, the resolute desire of a man on the run, the focus of a man who knows no other way….


New music Part deux!

Pradster’s back with the usual bag of goodies for your listening pleasure. The past couple of weeks have been real hectic, and my zune almost gave me a heart attack! That lovely gizmo is working fine again (touch wood) and here is your candy to chew on!

1) Spaz – N.E.R.D (video)
Pharrel Williams knows a thing or two about catchy hooks, and his band N.E.R.D do a good job at compiling a smashing album. Its not your typical mainstream stuff, nothing that you would hear on AIR radio surely ( I guess never!!) but this is one of the PHAT-est albums of recent time.
And the opening hook on this one is just Sick!!!

2) Everyone nose – N.E.R.D (Video)
This song is plain nuts, I mean what song has the line “all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom” on infinite repeat? Only N.E.R.D can make it sound good, and they do! Great basslines too!

3) Hammerhead – The Offspring (Video)
The smashing pumpkins are back and still as badass as ever, this is the first single from their new album “Rise and fall, Rage and grace”

4) You think I aint worth a dollar but I feel like a millionaire – Queens of the stone age (Video)
Smashing song by QOTSA, from their epic album “songs for the deaf” this is a deadly driving song, the fast guitar riffs and the explosive drumming make this song a heady cocktail to swallow. Simply splendid!

5) I wanna take you home – Nada Surf (imeem audio)
One of the trippiest songs ,I have heard in recent times, sample this “ I want to take you home, see your books and your shoes, stay up all night, drink a bottle or two, would you want to do, anything you want” features Juliana Hatfield as a guest vocalist and some awesome guitar work!

6) Oil and water – Incubus (video)
Okay I am super jealous of Brandon Boyd, I wish I was as good an artist as him, I wish I had a voice like him and I wish I was making such fabulous music, and yeah I wish I was the lead singer of incubus too!
This song btw, is sublime! Watch out for when the hits the high notes when the song picks up, sheer bliss!

7) Supernatural Superserious – REM (Video)
REM are in business and are minting classics as we speak, this song is vintage REM spec. Unless you have been living on the moon you must have heard this song , its catchy too!

8) Umbrella – Marie Digby (video)
She looks so yummy, and boy!! Her voice can make hearts melt (mine did!) I still cant get over the fact how beautiful this woman is!! Her singing gives me Goosebumps period!
Pradster is sold!!

9) New soul –Yael Naim (Video)
Yeah yeah, this is the song from the macbook air commercial, if you want an opinion on the Macbook air( MBA) then take this : it sucks! As for the song it smokes, the softest of voices and the loveliest of melodies.

10) Civilized man – shelter (video)
This is a childhood favorite of mine, I happened to have the Mantra album by shelter( I think I am the only one in India) and I heard it to death, I recently found the band online and I am hooked again! A massive part of the straight edge sub culture of the 1980’s and the 90’s shelter never really found mainstream acceptance, but they have their legion of hardcore fans, which obviously includes me!

If I had Eyes : Jack Johnson

If I had eyes in the back of my head
I would have told you that
You looked good As I walked away
And if you could’ve tried to trust the hand that fed
You would’ve never been hungry
But you never really be
The more of this or less of this or is there any difference?
or are we just holding onto the things we don’t have anymore
Sometimes time doesn’t heal
No not at all
Just stand still
While we fall
In or out of love again I doubt I’m gonna win you back
When you got eyes like that
It won’t let me in
Always looking out
Lot of people spend their time just floating
We were victims together but lonely
You got hungry eyes that just can’t look forward
Can’t give them enough but we just can’t start over
Building with bent nails we’re falling but holding,
I don’t wanna take up anymore of your time
Time time time
Sometimes time doesn’t hea
lNo not all
Just stand still
While we fall
In or out of love again I doubt I’m gonna win you back
When you got eyes like that It won’t let me in
Always looking outAlways lookin

Beautiful song, capturing a lot that I have felt over the past months.

my words to follow soon. Stay tuned folks 🙂