Building up and knocking down

I am sitting right now at the offices of a client organization who prefer to locate themselves in the middle of a cacophony. Voices are drowned out, migraines are spawned and general irritability is encouraged among the loud noises emanating from construction activity ( as in the case of Bombay) or a scrap yard ( Delhi).

 It is also ironic, while the Bombay office is surrounded by construction, renewal and regeneration. All that the denizens of the Delhi office see and hear are large hulks of metal being broken down by repetitive grinding and pounding. 

 I am re-united with the infamous duo (my friends would know who I am talking about) and both of them now sport counterfeit handbags. You can read an interesting articles on the people who sport such fake commodities here and here .

Other than moral issues, there is also the problem of low self-esteem that drives people to such blatant counterfeiting. Sigh

Lets not talk about low self esteem

Have fun people. Be good!


2 thoughts on “Building up and knocking down

  1. Riddhi (who else!!) says:

    Reminded me of the “REBOK’S” and the “abidas’s”!! 😛

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