Avatar : The review

Titanic (Tit-anic ) (1997) : I maintain to this date that the best actress oscar should have been awarded to Kate Winslet’s rack , not to Kate Winslet, as they made the movie worth watching for all men, who contributed an equal portion of the films grossing and had to bear with that awful Celine Dion song which later took a life of its own. Sigh.

Titanic had a simple story, broken down into bullet points for the benefit of our fortunate readers who do not remember watching the movie :

  • Boy gets lucky – Lands tickets to an ill fated ship ( Lucky? yeah right)
  • Boy meets girl
  • Boy and Girl fornicate
  • Shit happens
  • Everyone dies

I imagine James Cameron wanted to return to making another movie to pay for a new island nation he wants to establish , south of Tahiti,  he picked up his old manual for movie making. The script for Titanic.

Here is the story of Avatar for those who might be interested in that sort of thing,

  • Boy gets lucky – gets to take part in a dangerous mission after his brother dies  ( Lucky? Yeah right!)
  • Boy meets girl
  • Boy and girl fornicate
  • Shit happens
  • Everyone dies

My rating for Avatar, *****

Yeah, five stars. Didnt I just diss the movie? Not quite. The plot is overused and clichéd but that does not deter me from loving this movie one bit. Cameron has used a formula, alright. But there are vicious undercurrents, the plot is not deep but the analogies are profound, thought-provoking, challenging.

I can go on about the technical achievements of the film, I could rave on about how I was transported into this mystical world,  about how this movie is this generation’s “Star wars” but its pointless. You have seen nothing if you have not seen the movie with your own eyes, be good to yourself and see the movie in 3D, the way it was meant to be seen. The Na’vi are very real, Pandora so very beautiful and Michelle Rodriguez is playing another tough female character. Wait, there is nothing new or wonderful about the last part.

And while you watch the movie, appreciate the simple story of conflict between cultures, conflict between man and nature.  Our hunger for war and our ignorance of peace,  James Cameron keeps it simple and sometimes simple says a lot.


2 thoughts on “Avatar : The review

  1. Riddhi (need i mention it?) says:

    Am going sometime this week!! 🙂 Further comments after watching the movie… 😉

  2. Poornima says:

    Hmm,ok…yes, both the movies have certain things in common, but then again are totally poles apart.One is exhumed from the past, the other is a figment of the future.!
    Cant comment much on the Kate Winslet part..dont really remember that particular aspect of her’s 😛 though i thoroughly loved Titanic..oh , this is about Avatar, right..so yea,the 3D thing was top notch.!…. could kinda relate to it, cuz this is what’s happening right now, right? Developed against the backward, greedy against the needy, have’s against the have-nots.oops! i went off on a tangent here 😛
    P.S- Go Pandora.!

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