The govt launched an austerity drive, it needs your paycheck!


The gold chairs are spared though!

No ‘vulgar’ salaries to CEOs, Khurshid tells India Inc

Ok, so now the government is looking down on the fat pay packets that corporate leaders get for their hard work.  We are told this is as part of the “austerity drive” as we are a poor country and we must live like we are supposed to, in poverty.  I would like to point out a some interesting factors which would shed more light on why the governments stand is ludicrous to say the least :

1)     Companies are private concerns they can pay their leaders as much as they want with the consent of the shareholders and as much as they can afford ( you cannot pay your CEO if you are not making a profit!) .  In the case of publically listed firms again these decisions rest upon the directors and eventually on the shareholders.  Let us compare this scene with that club that Mr Khurshid belongs to – Parliament. As you know all members of parliament draw salaries from the government which in turn takes the money out of a box called the exchequer and hands out fat cheques to these guys. The members of this exclusive club fly for free; pay nothing for telephone, fuel, electricity, railway tickets and the whole shebang. Heck! They even get huge houses for them to stay in or conveniently rent out  and pocket the money. Who pays for all this? The government which in turn takes the money out of a box called the exchequer and hands it to these guys.  Now all the members of this club are no paupers, they have spent big money to get here in the first place and almost all of them have successful businesses to provide them all the luxuries in life. ( except this family, who buys them the Beemers and shit?)

With so much flowing out of the bank, the government must be run dry, right? Wrong,  the exchequer is always flowing up to the brim, being stocked up with the blood and sweat of Indias earning population, You!  We pay the taxes which pay for the excesses of this club, did they ask you before they hiked THEIR OWN salaries?

2)     Listen to this “…particularly we are trying to promote, inculcate a culture of austerity.”

How? By refusing to fly economy? Or flying economy while your security and cars are shipped by another plane? 

3)     If there are curbs on spending they should be on the spending from the government, stop showing us those stupid ads featuring you, don’t waste money on elections (ads by the ruling party for the forthcoming Haryana elections can already be heard , on Delhi FM channels!) You really don’t need to go to Switzerland to study waste disposal systems! learn like all corporate monkeys do. Google shit!

4)     Businesses earn a majority of the taxes that keep this nation running, by discouraging them to pay and motivate their employees you are in effect killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

5)     Simple economics: Spending wealth creates more wealth. Funny we have forgotten this even with an economist at the helm.

6)     China’s leadership preached “ to be rich is glorious” in the 80’s and look where they are now, we on the other hand are taking the retrograde  approach  namely “ India is a poor country and since we have not done anything for the betterment of the poor , we are scared they might rebel. To prevent such a scenario , why not make everyone poor?”

Genius, epic genius!

I await the day when we rise above this vote bank politics and when politicians actually do something other than profess change, for a change!

For further reading I highly reccomend the wikipedia page for “Austerity”, its time our nation formed an opinion.


3 thoughts on “The govt launched an austerity drive, it needs your paycheck!

  1. Riddhi says:

    As always, well written!! 🙂

  2. pradster says:

    Thanks Riddhi 🙂

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