Can you recognise this song?

Here is something that I happened to find on the treasure trove that is the Internet.
This is called the Song chart meme, I have featured some of my favorite ones right here, lets see how many you can guess right!

Leave your answers in the comments box.

(from Song chart meme)


10 thoughts on “Can you recognise this song?

  1. neha says:

    2. dont cry for me argentina

  2. neha says:

    i’d do nething for love
    hand in my pocket
    with or without you ( is it ?)

  3. neha says:

    sweet dreams by eurythmics

  4. Anonymous says:

    and this btw was not as good as my “cn u recognise this trashy hindi song” quizzes….

  5. pradster says:

    @ Neha : you know you are right, right?

  6. pradster says:

    @Anonymous : well your skill in trashy hindi songs is legendary.
    Wait, its almost an art!

    I have to be resourceful to even get think of competing.

    I, am certainly not worthy šŸ˜›

  7. poornima says:

    99 problems but a bitch aint one,
    my milkshake

  8. poornima says:

    umm, waiting for a girl like u?? ..dunno

  9. arushi says:

    3. my milkshake-kelis

  10. pradster says:

    Time for the answers!

    1) 99 problems – Jay Z
    2) Dont cry for me argentina – Maddona
    3) Girls and boys – Blur
    4) My milkshake – Kelis
    5) one week – bare naked ladies
    6) I would do anything for love – meat loaf
    7) One hand in my pocket – Alanis morrisete
    8) Sweet dreams – eurythymics
    9) Cant touch this – MC hammer and Ice Ice baby – Vanilla ice
    10) I cant live ( with or without you) – U2

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