Are you intellectually challanged?

So you bought yourself a nice bachelor pad, filled it up with Ikea furniture, but you went overboard and also bought a bookshelf…

wait, a bookshelf? but you do not read, beyond work you dont even read the signs on the road.
You want a bookshelf, since it will tell the chicas who drop by that you are a man of intellect, but it will only work if it has some books in it, some serious looking books that is. Old porno mags and comics just wont cut it, neither will your pee’d on college textbooks.

so what do you do?

Your panacea is finally here,

Book decor!!!

here is what they have to say for themselves

Your source for decorative antique leather bound books – Old used books for Interior Designers, Decorators and the Public

I shall leave you with their best part, their FAQ section :

Why are your books not in English?
You sell Books by the Foot, and Books by the Yard. How many books is that?
Book Decor has supplied books for set decoration in 4 recent Mel Gibson films….

Wait!! what books did they have in Apocalypto???


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