Dangerous curves!! ( Warning : Not safe for Anyone)

You are driving on the road, minding your own bloody business, with tons on your mind….. and fate shovels this in your face!

instead of grimacing and whining i thought i shall take a picture and put the whole world down with bad taste..

yes i am mean, VERY mean!


3 thoughts on “Dangerous curves!! ( Warning : Not safe for Anyone)

  1. Michelle says:

    LOLLL i hear u!!! I dont even know why they have to wear such tight tee shirts if they cant frikkin carry it off…its not like looking at their fat deposits peeping out is a pretty sight…hehe god…it takes all kinds to make up the world 😛

  2. Mechanical says:

    Believe it or not, it is very hard to know when your butt crack is showing.
    Infact, I can think of two separate events when people have come up and informed me that I need to “adjust” my pants. And I dont even wear low rise jeans and tight tops.

  3. Mechanical says:

    I guess the one you saw was worthy if sueing. I was just making a general comment. But thanks for stopping right back.

    And for commenting on the chickies in my building. Im afraid most of them will learn the hard way, not because such is life (which it kind of is), but because they are 19 and deluded :).

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