Dive bombers on germany!!

With the world cup on it is but obvious that my latest post be on football or soccer as folks in the united states know it ( funny, how they drive on the other side of the road , still don’t use metric and don’t know the sports name!)
I am in awe of all those strikers who choose to run the ball into the D after wonderful dribbling, enthralling 1-2’s and then when its time to deliver the killer kick- they fold up and dive, hoping that the referee would be as foolish as them and award them a penalty. Fuckers!. If only they use their brains and legs, and yes if only they have balls will they be ever able to score.

Then there is the ghastly sight of peter crouch on the pitch. Sincerely , to watch him play is disturbing…and that’s only half the story.he makes me almost gouge my eyes out everytime he scores a goal. Its difficult to see what Liverpool saw in the stick figure to sign him up and what in hell was Sven thinking when he picked up crouch for England duty?

And no crouch’ing ass you cannot dance..

more of Mr. Robotnic…


8 thoughts on “Dive bombers on germany!!

  1. amitken says:

    the tall crouchi’s the best.. i tell you :p

  2. Anijay says:

    Let Crouchie go to hell, there r others gifted ones 2 watch, but ur robot plays sexy music:-)

  3. pradster13 says:

    the robot does play GOOOD music…this tune is now also being widely downloaded as a ringtone….in the U.K. only though…sadly.

    who said crouch was any good….not me in my posts… 🙂

  4. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    k to b honest i dont like crouch … today he played miserably until he made tht goal … k am happy he did .. bt tht doesnt make me like him or anythin ….

    gosh i hate himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. RIDDHI says:

    hmm……….am not at all into soccer so don’t noe anything bout this crouch guy but its nice to just see a new post on ur blog!!! : )

  6. pradster13 says:

    you know crouch did play miserably the whole match..missed a sitter in front of goal. he got a goal to his name coz he got lucky, the qulaity of the ball from beckham was what created the chance…so crouchie still sucks…and thank god he didnt do his robot dance or i would have trashed my t.v. 🙂

  7. pradster13 says:

    welcome back to the scratch pad riddhi 🙂

  8. theothermichelle says:

    What’s the line from that song I’m thinking of…

    “Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984…From 1984!”

    Maybe the AM’s were thinking of him when they wrote that.

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