The speedometer read 90 but it felt more like 110 as I hurtled along the narrow road.
It was barely 20 feet wide at its best, was bumpy even though it had recently been re-laid. Throw in sharp 3 foot drops at both sides and no barriers to prevent me from going there. I was being rash. The steering wheel was jittery and the car bounced along uneasily on the smallest of the bumps making control difficult.
I was not in any hurry, the weather was pleasant – relatively speaking. I didn’t need to drive fast.

But I did, I wanted to.

The car was one I had previously been acquainted with. I learnt how to drive on her, she accompanied me to my first days in college, till we had to unceremoniously part ways and I had to swap her for another…which had been already reduced to smithereens by the time it got to me.
It was like reuniting with an old love, I was meeting an ex flame and the romance was rekindled.
I drove her hard and fast like I did when we were together. She responded to my touch and egged herself forward a fast as she could. She floundered sometimes with the low response. It didn’t matter; I understood, she had not been looked after well. Infact not looked after at all.

She was telling me her tale crying out loud and yet moving forward as I pushed her along, the stereo had conked out some month ago so it was left to me to hum her songs. The breeze at such high speeds translated into a strong side wind and I was fighting to get maximum grip out of the balding tires and keep control of the car. There was little room for error, I was driving alone without the burden of responsibility. I was free.

Sanity or rather insanity and chaos soon came back, the journey ended, I was already where I wanted to be…
Next morning I would leave, going back to the new sweethearts that I acquired since she left.
But I know she is not going anywhere I shall return in some days and then I can drive her again.. The love affair shall continue

Song playing in my head : Harder, Faster, stronger : Daft punk

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One thought on “Drive

  1. Anonymous says:

    The raw, intense passion between a man and his car, a love that could not be felt unless driven… you have succeeded in putting it into words.

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