I Am…

I am…

I am…tired yet raring to go.
I am…not sleepy, though I should be.
I am…hungry, for more.
I am…on my way.
I am…thinking …
I am…running hard
I am…missing my special people.
I am…alone without you.
I am…happy you are there.
I am…clueless as to what the future holds.
I am…hopeful.
I am…not able to think.
I am…not able to write.
I am…me
I am…staying, me.


song playing in my head : Sexy boy : AIR


6 thoughts on “I Am…

  1. the girl says:

    i am hopeful too.

  2. theothermichelle says:

    Pallav, your blog looks great! And it’s interesting too. 🙂

    How did you make it so cool looking?

    You should put it through the Battle of Blogs. You’d definitely win.

  3. theothermichelle says:

    Tried to put one of your blinkies on my sidebar, but it’s not working.

  4. RIDDHI says:

    yeaaaaa……U R BACK!!!! : )

  5. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    you got a girl..rt?

  6. pradster13 says:

    hey cheesy…how can you say so?

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