and this my 100th post…sheesh!

I just got through with my spring cleaning. I cleaned out all my closets, removed the winter wear and restored the summer wear to their rightful places.
While I did my cleaning, I did a head count and made a list of all the clothes I need to buy. I realize that I am running atrociously low on t-shirts; maybe the low level is purely relative. I am now wondering “Do I have reason to be embarrassed?”
I think I do…its not that I have no clothes, I think I have too many!
And I think I still need more!

Its not like I have a humungous collection of clothes, they are simply a lot when I compare them with my friends.

Here are the contents of my closet ,analyze them and let me know if I should be embarrassed or should I proceed on that shopping trip (which I am going to in any case )

27 ……………….t-shirts

20 ……………….pairs of jeans

32 ………………..shirts

A large number …… underwear!

7 …………………surfer shorts ( a 1500 miles away from the nearest beach!)

6 ………………… track pants

4 …………………..pedal pushers

8 ………………… caps!

13 ………………..pairs of shoes

and this the list of just my casual summer wear. The winter wear and the formals are right now unaccounted for, like my innerwear.
Which reminds me, I recently bought underwear from “Lacoste” and the packaging had “WHACK” written on it in BIG letters , now what was that supposed to mean?

Don’t comment about the number of shoes, this is a reduced number, achieved after I donated some pairs to charity!

Have fun ……Pradster out…!

Song playing in my head: The Bad Touch : Bloodhound Gang


16 thoughts on “and this my 100th post…sheesh!

  1. Keshi says:

    Pradzz ur still doing ok compared to mine…lol!

    Happy shopping…get those clothes u like, we only live one life 🙂


  2. RIDDHI says:

    where art thou?

  3. RIDDHI says:

    u crazy?!!!!!! u goin shopping!!! wat for?

  4. cassie-b says:

    Happy Shopping.

    You have more clothes than I do, and that’s probably good.


  5. sebia says:

    lol..u are wrse thn AMALDA MARCUS:P
    wht a lalchi insaan:p
    imagine if u were born as TARZAN..with no designer shops around…sheesh..
    aap ka kia hota janab e aali:p
    i am nt crazy abt clothes..but i have this fixation abt shoes..i hav gt 38 pairs..and mom everyday tells me tht on day of judgement..all of them will land on my head:(((
    hi n bye:)

  6. the girl says:

    Damn, 20 pairs of jeans!!!

    Where in the world do you get the money?

  7. pradster13 says:


    thats the spirit…just go shopping find what you like..stuff it in your closet and wonder…”hmm i think i still have some room to spare!!”

    where am i?…seventh heaven or the nearest mental asylum….or geographically…in delhi!
    and i am going shopping for new t-shirts a man’s gotta have fresh fresh cloths right!

  8. pradster13 says:


    its not me but you who is trying to outdo imelda marcos! i mean 38 pairs….lol…and i thought 13 was too much…lol.
    i’ll be waiting for that day of judgment and all those shoes on your head!

  9. pradster13 says:

    **cassie -b

    if you want to borrow any of mine you can raid my closet any time….my mum will be the happiestperson in the world!

  10. pradster13 says:


    a decent pair of jeans does not cost a bomb here in india a pair of average levis is about $34 so tat means you can buy loads of them if ya want…want me to end you some?

  11. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    20 jeans?? don u think tht’s a bit too much??

    and 13 pairs of shoes? u a guy right? lol !! guys are not supposed to have tht many shoes!

    we need to know the number of underwear too to answer ur question ;p

    happy 100th post!!

  12. RIDDHI says:

    arrey…i wnted 2 noe were u were in dat southpark pic?? well….i figured out who u were!! : )
    i noe u r in delhi….so wat u bought huh??

  13. Michelle says:

    i like foxtrot uniform by the bloodhound gang 🙂

  14. Keshi says:

    **hmm i think i still have some room to spare!!”

    lol yeah :):)


  15. Ajay says:

    congrats on ur 100th post

  16. the girl says:

    Yes, please loan me some of your clothes.

    20 pr jeans @ $34= almost $700.

    Spare me, but I have a monthly mortgage of $1200, so may not have as much extra $$ laying around as some. Enjoy it while you can.

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