My Baby’s Gone

My neighbor is apparently a brave person. He has placed his money where his heart is and has procured a WW-II vintage Jeep. I pass the low bonnet beauty everyday and I can’t help but admire the man. His choice of cars concurs with mine, he also owns a kombi and modified lancer (trying to match the evo).
Why do I bring this up here?

Some years ago while I was getting my car fixed at the local garage I spotted a sexy beauty. She was old but was still drawing attention and I wondered “she would look good in my harem”. The mechanic thought it was an old merc, idiot! It was a Ford Cortina GT Mk4.
Stock engine, some dents, lots of rust and a broke owner; this car was on the selling block, and I had my eyes on it. It needed a little work. Okay, I admit it needed a lot of work, an overhaul, new interiors, a paint job and a new set of alloyed wheels and a big stereo system. Not to mention loads of body treatment. But if she was going home with me she was going to be treated like a princess, she was going to be loved thoroughly.
My fantasies hit a roadblock, DAD! I was driving an old 800 at that time. I could have driven it into the ground and no one would have as much as cared for it. I used to have a much better set of wheels but had to trade them for this 89 model with a cousin who couldn’t afford to maintain it. The car and I had some history…but it’s a long story. Anyways, I cribbed everyday about this 89 model and here I was asking my dad to loan me money to buy a 1975 beauty which would have required even more money to restore it to mint condition.
“No Way! These classic cars need time and you can devote all of it after you settle down with your career” (the other bitch I am trying to handle).

The cortina soon disappeared. Appearing every now and then at random stoplights in my neighborhood to taunt me with her swagger and I wouldn’t lie about it, I couldn’t even look her in the eye. I would have loved her much more, attended to her whims and driven her like she was made to. She would have been my baby.
And here she was, with another man. I let her pass but whenever I see my neighbors Jeep I think of that cortina and what we could have been. Sigh……..

Song playing in my head: Magic Carpet Ride: Steppenwolf

Tags : cars , classics , ford , cortina , jeep


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