All thanks to Michael.
(For introducing me to such a wonderful person)
I thought I was going through rough times, I thought I was the only one in the world suffering pain. I wanted to feel miserable and I was looking for an excuse.
But not Jamie dawn. Regular visitors may recall I was Jamie’s secret Santa appointed by Michael. While I gifted a lousy poem, she has unknowingly given a lot more, hope strength and renewed my jest for life.

To quote Jamie “We all have sob stories to tell. I don’t see any benefit in constantly focusing on the bad. I think it diminishes the good.”

Jamie gave me that much needed kick in the butt, I remember her posts about life and lemons. I am quite enjoying the lemonade I made out of my troubles.
“If you find yourself wallowing in your own pity party, you won’t need to look far to find someone whose life is worse. It’s all about perspective “

while I whine and crib about my career, my relationships jamie chugs on whith a smile. reading her blog would you belive that this remarkable lady has undergone 19 yes 19 operations on her throat. Yet her attitude to life is refreshing and inspiring.

This is for jamie , thank you. You’ve really pickd me up! as for all my readers I would appreciate if you dropped in your wishes for jamie who is currently recuperating after another surgery and lets all pray together that jamie gets her voice back.
Thanks again jamie.
With love


4 thoughts on “fearless

  1. boudica of suburbia says:

    that was such a nice post. Its true there are people who have it worse but we should make sure we do not show pity but respect. i sure as hell couldn’t go through anything like that, i mean you’ve seen how much i whine about anything! lol


  2. Jamie Dawn says:

    What a nice post. Thanks for saying such wonderful things. I’m glad my posts inspired you to focus on the good things and not let the bad things overwhelm you. We all need a swift butt kicking now and then.
    Keep on smiling!!!!

  3. cassie-b says:

    Thanks – I’m on my way over to Jamie’s to say hello.

  4. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Best of Luck Jamie!!!!

    Pradster u’re a dude! Really nice of u to dedicate a post to ur friend 🙂 🙂

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