from the dustbins

i was thinking i have not written anything worthwhile for a long time now. as i was wading through the junk that i had previously written , i chanced upon this incomplete piece named “resolve” do me a favor and complete it for me….for i am suffering a major writers block….but them i am not eaxctly a writer, never mind

I have crossed the river of fire
I have been through more than one can suffer
But I came out alright
I have been between the hammer
And the anvil
That’s what shaped my steely resolve tonight

I know my will is strong
I can battle time
I am asking you my dear
Will you join this fight?

It’s a harsh path, my life
But would you wish to walk it?
You can make pain disappear
When you look into my eyes

You don’t need to share my painJust multiply my joy

(begin here)……

2 thoughts on “from the dustbins

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:


    Really nice….

  2. the girl says:

    You don’t need to share my pain
    Just multiply my joy
    Take my hand, we’ll stop the suffering
    And fly forever more

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