They are the future..

Warning: the following post includes lots of pent up anger and a hell full of expletives, though by the end of the post you would agree with me….

It wasn’t my intention to write anything down today. I was lazily flicking through the channels trying to take a break, that is till I came across this utterly gruesome video of a small 3 year old being mercilessly thrashed around by his nanny! The parent were apparently worried for their child and had installed a hidden camera to monitor the activities while they were at work.
“Fucking bitch!” Was my instant reaction as I started imagining the horrors this child must have gone before this tape was made , as the poor boy – wailing at the top of his voice , begging for mercy- was beaten non stop by that satanic swine. The only fault of the kid? He disturbed the whore as she watched T.V.
my blood is boiling over with rage even as I write this, I am wondering what the parents of the boy must have done. If some sadistic asshole were to even touch my kid or  for that matter any kid I swear to god I would I have mad them wish they were dead before they touched the kid!
Its no secret that I adore kids , its only logical to protect what I love from these messengers of hell who mess up many childhoods with the treatment that they met out to these helpless children who are *their* responsibility.
This follows for all people Parents, Teachers and Nannies give a child love and he will respond with love. Mess with his emotions, use the rod and you have just activated a time bomb just waiting to explode.
I am sick of all those bastards using their own fucked up childhoods as an excuse to abuse innocent kids who cannot fathom why they get this rough treatment. If you cannot raise kids with love don’t have them! Nannies that treat children badly can be fired, jailed but what about parents who do the same to their kids?
I have personally seen parents publicly humiliating their kids , hitting them and I feel like pulling out a gun and emptying full magazines on such freaks.
These children are our future we need to treat them with care so they can grow up as good citizens and not bagfuls of hate who will give the world what they received from the fuckers they knew as mom and dad!

I suggest the bitch who beat that child be paid back in the same currency publicly, so that people like these learn not to treat powerless children badly!

Song playing in my head: Seek and destroy- Mettalica

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3 thoughts on “They are the future..

  1. the girl says:

    While I understand the anger, violence only begets violence as we have seen throughout history.

    I feel horrified as well when I hear news reports of parents beating, abusing, or even killing their own children, but meting out the same punishment does not TEACH these people anything. They may feel pain, but they will still not understand that they did anything wrong.

    Not that they shouldn’t be punished, be held accountable, but where does it all end?

  2. pradster13 says:

    you have eye for an eye does make the world blind…look at israel and palestine.
    but still what is the solution….can somebody tell me?

  3. the girl says:

    wish I knew…

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