Girl spotting!

It’s been a good day!
R.B.T was here he’ll be in Delhi for some more days till he sets base for the next 6 months in Bangalore. Hopefully his visa will be restored and h can go back to the states.
But it was good to see him again after a long time; we go back a long way 19 years to be precise. Let me throw some more numbers at you that’s 86.36 % of my life , I am 22 so I have known ever since I can recall! To say that he is my best mate would be a massive understatement.
So there we were grabbed some lunch in Connaught place at a place called “Piccadelhi” …lol.
The plan was to check out “wedding crashers” but that didn’t happen, the search for some good DVD’s at pallika also turned a big zero. All that those people had in stock was second rate Hollywood and porn! While I was looking for Monty Python!
Some more time was whiled away strolling and trying to shop in C.P.
And some more time spent at café coffee day where your truly drank hot chocolate…my perennial favorite!!
There was plan a plan for NM to turn up for a movie but she refused, I might go with her tomorrow.
Tired of circling around Connaught place R.B.T and I decided to haunt khan market.
And an excellent decision it was, I ran into some hot chicks from my school there was hint of recognition, a smile and unfortunately not much else! Except some heartburn!!… 😀
And spotted more hot chicks….and made a resolution to haunt the place more often!
Also spotted a Porche cayenne, an absolute smile bringing humdinger of a car.
While R.B.T then proceeded to visit the Brisk Walker I headed home…tired after a long day out and wishing that my best buddy was around more often so we could talk politics, sports and most importantly chicks!

Hey turtle boy! You’ll be missed…as you have been for so long!

Song in my head: Superman : eminem

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13 thoughts on “Girl spotting!

  1. neha says:

    yea sweets nm wont turn up if u call her up an hour before the movie’s time and ask her to join u guys.(it takes almost an hour to get to where u wanted to watch the movie). u better take her out tomm . . .

    nice to know u spotted some hot chix from ur school but till the time u do something about it its not really gonna help so wakeeeeeeeeee up

  2. Sanjukta says:


  3. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Ahaan so u’re havin a lotta fun!


  4. Wanderer says:

    lol gr8 , u are unleashin loadza fun! good good

    mmm Superman : eminem

    I do know 1 thing yo
    Bitches they come they go
    Sat through sun mon
    mon through sun yo
    mebbe i willlove u someday
    mebbe we will someday grow:P

  5. pradster13 says:

    okies i get ur point but u gotta wake up early too ;P

  6. pradster13 says:

    yes i had loads of fun…but not too much though…i guess this was one day only….now back to my slogger routine! ;(

  7. pradster13 says:

    yup the song rocks….
    “i have known u enuff to trust you..we just met and i just f***d u”

  8. rusty says:

    Hi , this is my maiden visit on your blog….came here from the Delhi bloggers page. Your recent post is a great read….and the insight into your life sure is interestin !! Well , hope to see you at the blog meet .

  9. The Girl Who Sold The World says:

    Lol…what a title for the post! Sounds like you had fun… 😀 I LOVE CP…it’s a great place to waste time… 😉

    P.S.: //86.36 % of my life// Hehehe…used a calculator for that?! 😛

  10. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    What is ” ;( “ supposed to mean?


  11. pradster13 says:

    oh cp is that big time hole where everyones spare hours are drowned!
    and yes i did use a calc!

  12. pradster13 says:

    lol…its supposed to mean it a typo!

  13. the girl says:

    so have you checked out the hot girls at the market lately, or are your studies just keeping you too, too busy?

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