Stolen….from Post secret

On days like these when there is nothing worthwhile to do. I stop, look heavenwards.
Thank you god for punk rock!

Song playing in my head: Get Back(Sum 41 Rock Remix) :Ludacris feat Sum 41


10 thoughts on “Stolen….from Post secret

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:


  2. the girl says:


  3. pradster13 says:

    of course yes kat…such beutiful moments….i cannot possibly posses em…excpet steal them of course..:P

  4. the girl says:

    Hey, couldn’t help myself.

    Especially since I had just checked in to postsecret.

    Then again, maybe you sent it in in the first place…


  5. sebia says:

    Ok i am lost:((
    so will just say hi..and bye
    (mez gt no taste for english muzik..and will b as lost in punk tarzan in LATA MANGESHKARS concert

  6. The Girl Who Sold The World says:

    And what the heck is postsecret?

  7. Ankur says:

    how abut u write a post of ur fav 10 punk rock numbers … would luv to know

  8. pradster13 says:

    ** GWSTW
    sorry abt the acronym navdeep 😉 and yeah punk rock rulezzz

  9. pradster13 says:

    hi and bye….dont worry girl…i’ll be there to guide you!
    and maybe tarzan does like lata mangeshkar

  10. pradster13 says:

    i did post a list of my fav songs some time ago…maybe i’ll do punk rock specific post next time arnd…stay tuned

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