I got tagged by the big cheese. Who derives her fame from the hit song…”tu cheese badi hai mast mast”. Okay, now I am acting cheesy.
Time  for the real stuff


I prefer to eat milk powder raw!.
I buy these cartons of milk powder but I haven’t ever made a single cup of milk out of it, I instead prefer to eat it raw. And I think it’s yummy!

I talk to myself!
Yeah you heard it right, I actually talk to myself! Not just in the mind but also talk; as in verbal self to self communication. Helps me get both sides of the coin and consult with the many me’s!

I love r/c cars!
I am 22 and I haven’t yet gotten over my r/c (radio controlled) cars and my car collectibles. I still buy new hot wheels models and 1:18 scale replicas of beautiful cars!

I make faces in the mirror!
Leave me alone in front of the mirror and you’ll find me staring at it, making faces…Talking to myself as I stated earlier. I know I am weird!

I am the twisted transistor!
I was given the sobriquet “Master of All Negative Creations” in school for my knack at writing parodies and twisted songwriting I am so good at it that Weird Al Yanukovic can  take a tip or two from me!. I am also good at extracting hitherto unknown meaning out of known songs/stories and posses that special ability to redecorate pictures to alter whole situations or scenes. I also posses the art of printed text manipulation! I remember we had this chapter called “The Fall of Icarus” in my book it read “The Ball Of Icarus” and the accompanying illustration was suitable altered to reflect that joyous moment in his life when he played soccer with wings strapped to his back!

Tags: weird, parody, me, cheese

Song playing in my head : Right here right now : Fatboy Slim



11 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. Anonymous says:

    not very weird – making faces is just about kindaaa weird. but we all are kinda weird and we love u the wayyyy u are .

  2. neha says:

    that was me by the way

  3. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Oh eating milk powder raw is being weird????

    U talk to urself? While walkin on da road as well? Thatz not being weird … thatz being insane! 😛

    r/c cars! Ha! And u were makin fun of me sleeping ‘with’ stuffed animals! 😛

    Making faces … haha kiddo! 😛

    Twisted Transistor .. ahaan tht sounds interesting! 🙂

    Thanks for taking up the tag 🙂

    Mwaahahahaa @ tu cheese badi hai mast mast
    That indeed was cheesy .. m wondering where u got tht weird idea from! LOL … big cheese! hehe!

    Rock on rocksta!

  4. The Girl Who Sold The World says:

    Hehehe…you and I share THREE weird habits! I love raw milk powder, I talk to myself most of the times (I’m my best adviser:D)and I make faces in the mirror!!! Haha…weird minds think alike, eh?

    P.S.: ROTFL@ tu cheese badi hai mast mast

  5. Keshi says:

    lol ur funny Praddz! Making funny faces at the mirror ha? lolllz!

    I talk to myself only to be prompted by my Ma asking if I just lost my blong blognz…lol blong blongs btw is my brains 🙂


  6. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    The rules asked me to inform you this way — You been Tagged!
    Visit my latest post ‘Tagged Victim’ for more details…


    (Sorry i been buggin u a lot lately .. lol)

  7. pradster13 says:

    thanks i know its u…lol

  8. pradster13 says:

    hey there!
    i do not talk while walking on the roads…at least not in a way anyone can find out…lol!

    i know the car thing is kiddish 😀
    and so is making faces…but hey i look good so i gotta practise looking hot no…lol

    as for the tags bring em on!

  9. pradster13 says:

    **girl who sold thr world

    gosh i am glad i am not the only wierdo on this earth!….i am happy i am in esteemed company….lol

  10. pradster13 says:


    i talk to myself in a low voice…so that no one can hear my secrets…wink

  11. a a says:

    only milk powder is my thing

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