Metro what?

There I was, standing with an unruly mop at the top of my head; staring at the closed shutters.
My barber just went out of business, with no notice, no warning, leaving me and my messy hair clueless!
Since then I have been trying out different places, some seemed good but were bad and the rest were awful!
Then there was this one place which I thought I could adapt to, and when I thought I had , it too went out of business!
I could not let my hair grow like a hippie, something had to be done. So after some more experimentation I have finally found this new place; which – unlike the previous places which were your just above average neighborhood barbershops – is an up market unisex salon where I have to pay thrice the amount I used to pay earlier…but I am satisfied.
Wait a minute! I know you are wondering why in hell I am droning about salons of all things, so let me get straight to the point!

This new pace has been a revelation of sorts. Every time I go there it is flooded with men and none of them are getting their haircuts; instead I see those getting facials, manicures, getting their hair colored, pedicures and that kind of stuff. To be frank I am amazed.
Okay I am putting things into stereotypes, clichés and so on, but isn’t all this the sole preoccupation of women?
This seems to be the new model for judging men, “The Metro sexual”. Men who are in touch with their feminine sides apparently go by this term, some years ago they were called Gays, Queers, and “Hijra”.
Today it is expected behavior.
I really believe that this is that old feminist movement out to play havoc with men, making sissies out of perfect men ;p. such is the hype, men are eager to be bracketed into this category!
With the rise of the metro sexual male the old guard shall soon give way to pansies and the old fashioned macho man may soon be extinct. All brought about by the need to look better!
Personally I am all for personal hygiene ( :p ), but this is stretching things way too far.
It’s not all negative though, at least now couples will be able to bond together well. Couples of all varieties same sex or heterosexual (Ha Ha!) can now visit the salon instead of the mall for spending quality time together. Imagine this “oo honey lets get a facial done!” atrociously funny and weird!
Relaxation for them might be sitting together gazing into each other’s eyes while some attendant gives them a pedicure. Gosh! What is this world coming to?
This however is my sole opinion, for now. If some future girlfriend were to insist that I get some beauty treatment, hell… I’ll junk all my theories and sit there with some alien goo on my face…



3 thoughts on “Metro what?

  1. the girl says:

    “…but isn’t all this the sole preoccupation of women?”

    you sayin’ we women have nothing better to do than entertain ourselves at a salon? you best watch your words, young man.

    now just take a deep breath. the world will always be changing. you don’t have to get a pedicure yourself, but if other men enjoy having their feet softened and massaged most likely at the hands of a woman, who are you to say anything… after all, they might not get human contact anywhere else.

  2. pradster13 says:

    okay…thats not what you do ALL the time. but thats what YOU do right?
    i mean men arnt supposed to b there..and yeah mayb they arnt getting anything else.

  3. a a says:

    i totally agree with u in fact i was thinking abt all this metro sexuality 2 days back and how lame it is. worse is men with perfectly made eyebrows. i m okay with them getting pedicures bec feet are difficult to clean but face masks and all ughhhh

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