Stolen from the cheesy termite!


1. Nervous Habits – a Bad Temper, I let go at anyone near me
2. Are you double jointed – No
3. Can you roll your tongue – which way?
4. Can you raise one eyebrow at a time – oh yes! I can even do an impersonation of “the rock”
5. Can you blow spit bubbles – yes…big ones…lol!
6. Can you cross your eyes – yes I can. Gives me a headache though
7. Tattoos – unfortunately I have none, but I have plans to get some done!
8. Piercing – I wanted to get my eyebrows pierced but then I didn’t want to get kicked out of my house…so didn’t get it done!
9. Do you make your bed daily – no, only occasionally, Infact I am happy to find the bed just like I left when I get back home from work. I do not have to disturb the other wise perfect surroundings when I snuggle back in!


10. Which shoe goes on first – Right, it’s a habit
11. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? Yes, I remember when I was 10 or 11 I had a fight with a cousin of mine; I beat him even though he was bigger. He had been troubling me for long time. Even after we were separated by family members I had enough pent up anger inside me to pick up a shoe and fling it at him. My aim was god and it hit him SMACK on the face. I know its bad but I really enjoyed this and he deserved it. Though I got lot of Bad rep for it.
12. On the average, how much money do you carry – between 1500-2500.but it’s like a black hole I put money in my wallet and whoosh its gone a short while later!
13. What jewelry do you wear 24/7 – no jewelry, I just wear my beads in the neck.
14. Favorite piece of clothing – my jeans!


15. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it – twirl it round and round and round!
16. Have you ever eaten Spam -Nopes…I am vegetarian
17. Do You Use Extra Salt on Your food – yes. My food is saltier than the Dead Sea!
18. How many cereals in your cabinet – 3-4 maybe 5 all from the Kellogg’s portfolio I guess!
19. What’s your favorite beverage – Milo!
20. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant – Nirula’s.i have eaten in there ever since I can remember. Now that place is closing down and I feel so bad!
21. Do you cook – yes! I love to cook! And what do I cook…almost anything!
22. Do you swear – yes! And a lot! I am good at actually inventing new and embarrassing cusses. That’s why I earned the sobriquet “master of all negative creation”…lol!
23. Do you ever spit – no!


24. Animal – big cats like the lion and tiger. Aren’t they just majestic?
25. Food – Italian. Lasagne in particular I have the tendency to smear all my food with lots and lots of cheese. So that’s another one!
26. Month – as far as I am concerned all are the same.
27. Day – Fridays and Saturdays. Since they got good shows on T.V. on these days!
28. Cartoon – all of them, yes all of them. I haven’t met a cartoon I didn’t like!
29. Shoe Brand – I don’t have any preferences as such. I have nice, rbk, puma, bata, hush puppies, rockport, and red tape….actually an embarrassingly large number of shoes for a man.
30. Subject in school – history!
31. Color – red and blue….red is my power color!
32. Sport – football/soccer
33. TV show – All of them!
34. Thing to do in the spring – go for long walks and soak in the beauty.
35. Thing to do in the summer – fry in the heat!
36. Thing to do in the autumn – celebrate diwali!!
37. Thing to do in the winter – be able to wear all the clothes you like…at one time!!


38. In the CD player – “bullshit” that’s the label of a custom cd I burned!
39. Person you talk most on the phone with – Mals…but I haven’t talked much to her lately.
40. Reading – catch 22 by Joseph Heller
41. Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows/mirrors – yes…why is that a crime?
42. What color is your bedroom – cream?
43. Do you use an alarm clock – occasionally
44. Window seat or aisle – Windows. Aisles make me sick!


45. What’s your sleeping position – on my sides. Technically called the fetal position. I sleep with pillows between my legs!!
46. Even in hot weather do you use a blanket – no but I do use a sheet.
47. Do you snore – not that I have heard!
49. Do you talk in your sleep – like the radio!
48. Do you sleepwalk – I am beginning to think yes! Some time ago I found that the fan would be switched on while I slept. This went on for a week and nobody else knew about it…I figured it’s either me sleepwalking or my room is spooked! Scary in either case!
50. Do you sleep with stuffed animals – no!!! Lol!
51. How about with the light on – if I am sleepy I can, but I prefer the lights off
52. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on – if I am sleepy and something boring is on.
53. Last interesting person you met – Met Neha and divzz a couple of days ago!

Because the cheesy termite did it!
but she is kind and i am not so i tag Keshi, Michael and kath!


12 thoughts on “copycat!!

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    I think u’d look damn damn cool with ur eyebrow pierced!! Or mebbe get it cut in the middle … though u alrdy look like a rocksta … but tht’ll make u look like a … umm … a … yea famous rocksta! lol

    SHEESH! SMACK on the face? and u proud of it?? Gosh! wht a bully!

    NIRULA’S closing??? how come no one told me that???? what are u saying??? sheesh!! Nirulas is closing? all of them? or just tht Prashant Vihar one??? I still remember those free ice-creams i used to get for getting above 90% in skool … not tht i only had them once a year … but then it was like a big achievement at tht time! and yea their other stuff too!!

    well yeah u do have a lotta shoes! lol. And i thought men do it with just 3-4 pairs!

    shit i hate red!

    u didnt hafta lol @ stuffed animals thingy … coz sleeping with a pillow in between ur legs isnt much different either! lol tiz just tht animals got hands and legs and stuff! lol

    Btw is it just outta habit? or are u horny at all times? lol k tht was a bit personal i guess! 😛

    jeeez dont temme … u actually sleepwalk!! gosh tht’s freaky!!

    Rock on rocksta!!!

  2. Keshi says:

    LOL Pradzz so cute..hahaha!

    ** big cats like the lion and tiger. Aren’t they just majestic?

    yep they sure r! I like em too…

    u talk like a radio in ur sleep?LOL WTH!


  3. pradster13 says:

    hey cheesy….ur right that was he intention, i wore a clip on( i know thats so weird) on my eyebrows during college…lol!

    i am not a bully! he was older and stronger and was bullying me stealing my money and pissing me off till i tipped over and he ate dirt!!….he still is the bully ad whn i meet him i cant hep remember his face!!

    all of them are closing!! and thats is SO SO BAD!!…even i used to have that free ice cream in there!….

    sheesh! i sleep with the pillows out of habit..not becouse i am horny!!
    btw i like to belive that i dont sleepwalk…this is the only isolated incident!!

    reds my fav…but i have very little of it around me!!

    and hey Keshi!!
    yes tigers are cute!!…and who do i talk to?……myself who else….my folks tell me i talk in weird languages sometime….and thats a relif…i wudnt wanna be talking abt my girlfriend and letting everyone hear it!!……btw i dont talk so much now!!

  4. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Hey! Sorry if it embarassed you or something … i was kidding! 😦

    I’ll try not getting this ‘cheesy’ today onwards. 😦

    Hehee…u tagged Keshurr eh … lets see … i doubt if she’ll take the tag … lol yes Keshur??

  5. Keshi says:

    hehe ur sweeet :):)

    I scream in my sleep apparently lol!


  6. Keshi says:

    gosh u tagged me lol! bummer! 🙂


  7. pradster13 says:

    lol…chesy was kiddin! ;P
    lets see what u got keshi 🙂

  8. pradster13 says:

    u scream in ur sleep keshi…why nightmares? or just angry at ppl in dreamz?

  9. the girl says:

    So should I be honest (may be boring) or creative (more entertaining)?

    Maybe a bit of both and you can guess what’s real.

  10. Keshi says:

    lol I have no idea 😦 but only sometimes…mebbe ghosts haunt me :):)


  11. pradster13 says:

    lol keshi if u were to scream everynight u would be called crazy…wudnt ya! as for them nightmares….keep a gun handy…lol

  12. neha says:

    ur bad temper i have been witnessing since hte last few days but love the 1500-2500 that u carry in ur wallet y havent i ever witnessed that !?!??!

    and putting on the right shoe first ?! i dont think ive ever noticed what shoe i put on first.

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