catch me at Flickr

Originally uploaded by pradster.

i have started to upload my sketches and designs to flickr instad of the design blog, for various reasons.
you can catch me at
this link or this address


5 thoughts on “catch me at Flickr

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Ohh … am too lazy to sign up for flickr and leave comments there ….

    da horses arent really ‘cute’ … lol … but yeah tiz a nice one i must say!

  2. Sanjukta says:

    what’s wrong with the blogspot wala design blog?? I don’t find flicker that convinient…Would take the trouble though

  3. strawy says:

    nice sketch …
    Happy New year

  4. Keshi says:

    Nice one!


  5. pradster13 says:

    thanks cheesy for the compliments
    ans as for the design blog…well nothing is ‘wrong’ with it i thought flickr wud be a better place to put up pics…thats what it is for isnt it?
    thanks strawy..and happy new year to u

    thanks to u too keshi

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