The Checklist

Now that I am back from my vacation, here’s a checklist of stuff that I have brought back

  1. Some delicious homemade cookies and cakes
  2. A set of Ornate Jagannath Idols for my Desk
  3. snake sightings and a 2 foot long snake skin shed by a cobra
  4. 1.5 kgs of added weight due to my gluttony and lack of exercise.
  5. a mild tan
  6. a new outlook to life
  7. 6 magazines and one Dan Brown Trash Novel ,all of which I digested on the 22hr train rides to and fro
  8. memories of a car crash
  9. a massive stomach ache caused by part of point 4
  10. A million ideas for things to write about on this blog.

10 thoughts on “The Checklist

  1. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:


  2. the girl says:

    Hmmmm, a car crash…

    Tell us more.

  3. Keshi says:

    hey WB Pradster! Happy New Year!

    **memories of a car crash

    huh what happened?


  4. pradster13 says:

    the bus that we had chartered has a shunt with a suzuki….wasnt bad…but just that the driver of the car fought with the driver of our bus ….and we had to hang in the bus for more than 2 hours trying to cool the situation down…till the cops intervened

  5. Sanjukta says:

    1. am i getting a share??
    2. good for you
    3. wow exiting
    4. so you rushing to the gym?? bet you don’t wanna mess up with thy good looks
    5. would make you look sexier :p
    6. Tell me more bout it
    7. Dan brown trash??
    8. thank God nothing serious happened.
    9. Should have known it before…gluttony is sin
    10. Good News readers of scratch pad

  6. pradster13 says:

    1.are you getting a share….i am fighting this sin called gluttony but its winning…so (burp) sorry

    2.yup good

    3.wanna see it? bet…worked out double the normal duration today

    5.that i am not sure abt

    6. will tell more abt it…positivly

    7.i figured Dan Brown writes trash..even though it sells…another post in the making

    8.yeah…and it was some weird fun too 😛

    9.i agree…and so does my poor stomach

    10.stay tuned

  7. Keshi says:

    omg that must have been scary…

    **but just that the driver of the car fought with the driver of our bus ….

    In Aus when an accident happens, drivers r cannot fight…we just have to exchange the insurance, registration details and wait for the Police…no bickering and complaining is allowed. Ofcourse there will be the odd one or two who will pour out their temper but they can be prosecuted for road-rage…

    Glad u r safe…


    5:56 AM

  8. pradster13 says:

    its india hun, no body exchnages cards and insurance when they crash…instead tempers fly and the blame game begins…the lucky ones get reimbursed right on the spot by the guilty party others have togo and claim insrance…if ya call the cops then you arent going to see ur car for the next one month….in this case the car dude wanted the bus driver to pay him 3000 bucks but had to settle for 300 which is a pittance…thnax for the wishes…yes i am glad the accident wasnt major

  9. neha says:

    fat ? tan ? i didnt see ne of that on u. i hear u cribbing bout the “fat” but no u dont look it. tan ????!?!?!? none at all. u might have looked yum with the tan waise 😛

  10. divzzzzzzzzz says:

    tan??? dint notice that… did u put on make-up wen we met 😀

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