Secret Santa

The formerly confidential, non-federally sanctioned, non Supreme Court approved, covert ops Secret Santa Program, Which the expert Crypto people at the NSA were keeping secret, is finally out.

And since our cover has been blown by some cheesy white house aide I am going to cash in this opportunity and write a memoir about my days in an ultra secret organization, whose existence the government still denies. I am going to earn mega millions but for you – my faithful readers – I am going to give you the top-secret project that was assigned to me, and the result of my labors.

So here goes my “holiday season”…(the war against Christmas is not over). Gift for of Jamie’s mindless blather. Now Jamie is an incredibly funny individual, its hard to keep a straight face when you are going through her blog, she can find humor in almost all situations and has overcome personal challenges to remain the Light in the dark for all of her readers…me included.
Jamie belongs to a Family of bloggers, they are a bunch of incredible people so wonderful that I am requesting Jamie to adopt me……..please!!.
Her wonderful family reminds me of the old saying “a family that blogs together stays together”…….err…..its not an old saying is it?
Anyways here’s my gift for Jamie and her family this is something I wrote…I worked hard at it lets hope Jamie and her Bunch like it.
I would also request everyone to post their wishes for Jamie in the comments o this post…did I forget to say it?
A merry Christmas Jamie…and to all of you reading this.
Now will we please get together and sing ……..1………….2…………3

Jamie’s Merry Christmas
(sung to the tune of Rudolf the red nosed reindeer)

Jamie dawn’s mindless blather
She has a very funny bone
And if you ever read her blog
You would laugh off your clothes!

All of the other bloggers
Used to laugh and call her great!
Jamie never let any readers
Keep a sad look on their face.

Then One foggy Christmas Eve
Johnny Depp called to say
Jamie with your mindless blather
Will you be my date today?

Jamie said even though I love you
Your date I would love to be
But I’ll spend Christmas with those I love the most
And that would be my family!

do not forget to wish her a merry christmas….drop your wishes in the comments



5 thoughts on “Secret Santa

  1. cassie-b says:

    I don’t know much about your old saying, but we have 7 bloggers in our family and numerous other “just readers”, and we manage to stay together very well.

    If it isn’t an old saying, I think it should be.
    nice to meet you.

  2. Michael says:

    Merry Christmas Jamie and to you the Pradster.

    Jamie is one funny lady I agree but you have a nice sense of humor running through you as well.

    I do appreciate you playing along with us.

    Take Care

  3. Jamie Dawn says:

    THANK YOU very much, Pradster. What joy this gift is! I sang the song to my son – even with my voice not in full force. What fun this gift is!
    You did goooood, Pradster, really gooood.

    Merry Christmas to you too. Too bad all that secret stuff was revealed to the media by some bad people. I know they will get coal in their stocking for sure!

  4. Sanjukta says:

    Merry Christmas to allki

  5. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    (: Merry Christmas 🙂

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