I have Been Gifted

The merry season is here and people like Paul make it all the merrier. He is my Secret Santa and today I received my Gifts. A set of lovely calligraphy pens and a lesson in Spanish. Thanks a ton Paul you have really really brightened up my day…
I have to thank Michael as well. He is a wonderful Person; I hope someday will be able to meet him and give him a warm hug for being one of those bright sparks lighting up this earth. It was his idea to spread the warmth and love around and look how much happiness its bringing….I am playing Secret Santa for Jamie Dawn and her Gift is being posted right above this post.
I have to thank Paul once again for his kind act…I loved those beautiful pens and now I am going to sign all my digital creations, and as for that lesson in Español…I sure hope we run into each other on some beutiful mexican beach and I can tell you in person…. Muchas Gracias Señor.

Wishing you a merry christmas….pradster



One thought on “I have Been Gifted

  1. Sanjukta says:

    So Cool,

    Merry Christmas to Micheal and his Blogging Santa Team

    But where is my Gift…

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