i have stolen this game from Michael’s Blog and thought that i should try this in here too..

To play all you have to do is to post a COMPLETELY FICTIONAL story of YOU and ME. it can be anything you want BAD or GOOD but keep it can post your stories in the comments , go ahead and make one up even if you dont know me….and When you’re finished, post this paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON’T ACTUALLY remember about you.



8 thoughts on “Amnesia

  1. samantha says:

    remember when you crashed your car into my house and then had to cool your heels with the cops?

  2. SAMANTHA says:

    remember when you crashed your car into my house and then had to cool your heels with the cops?

  3. Michael says:

    I remember the time we were both in Monte Carlos and were gambling at the blackjack tables. I couldn’t believe how much you raked in. You kept winning almost every hand. The dealer had the pit boss come over and watch you thinking that maybe you were cheating but they found out you were just that good. It was too bad they ended up banning you from the casinos.

    Take Care

  4. the girl says:

    I can’t believe you don’t remember the snowball fights we had. You were what, 10 maybe? I was just a year older. We built snow forts and went sledding down “Suicide Hill” (I swear that was really just a cliff).

    But it was the snowball fights that really weren’t fair. Your brother grabbed rocks and ice and balled them up in the snow. He never did like that we played together. And then there were the girls in the neighborhood chanting,

    Pallav and Kathleen sitting in a tree
    First comes love,
    Then comes marriage…

    Well, you remember the rest. It was humiliating. No one understood that a boy and a girl could actually just be friends. Too bad it all eventually got to us.

    Maybe we can be friends again now.

  5. Keshi says:

    Remember how we kissed behind the tress and ran abt in the woods playing hide and seek? How we sat near the lake and kept staring at each other…oh those radiant Summer days…

    lol 🙂


  6. divz says:

    Remember the time u took us all out for a treat ???

  7. Jamie Dawn says:

    I remember when you sneaked into my house and stole Lambchop from our tree. I tracked you down with bloodhounds and you had to admit to the dirty deed. You claimed that you were only going to borrow Lambchop and were planning on returning him. But, when I saw that recipe book on your counter with a page opened to “Divine Lamb Chops” I knew what you had in mind for our dear little Lambchop. You didn’t fool me!

  8. Padmaja says:

    world is indeed small,had always wished but never thought wud find u here. Wanted to always tell you something but you left in such way and never looked back

    Why did you do that, tell me why did it had to end so bitterly When did I ask for too much from you..

    Those 15 beautiful days that we spent together, the time when I almost saw our home, almost saw my children in your eyes, the time when we spent every moment like we were the only two people on this earth, Far away from Delhi sitting on Vizag Beach at the middle of the night…I wanted time to stop there, I never wanted to come back I wished I could just spend the rest of my life like that with my head on your chest and your arms wrapped around me…that kiss, that smile, that embrace…

    Tell me why did you have to end it so bitterly all I wanted was just one last long kiss goodbye, one last embrace…

    Wish we could pick it up from where we left and finish it

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