who? Me?

I decided to walk to work today, not a mean task considering the fact that my office is barely a kilometer away from my home. This individual in an octavia, who I thought was going to ask for direction, intercepted me. He didn’t want directions but instead asked me my height. I was somewhere between shock and amusement….i smelled a rat and wondered aloud “why?” but on he insisted and I eventually gave him my height ( which I instantly realized was a stupid thing to do). The unwilling conversation dragged on, he asked for my background and residence and each question met with a “why?”. I was in no mood for jokes and Delhi is as it is full of jerks. As I was about to walk off it tuned out the man was a model coordinator who wanted me to model for him…
And I imagined myself as a model for a fraction of second………………………..
No no no , I don’t fit in as a model, I work out, have brawn but also a slight tummy, I am not photogenic and defiantly not comfortable prancing around for the benefit of others.
I dress well, but only for myself….i love attention but I have my own means of getting it.
And certainly being the next zoolander does not feature on my to do list.
I tuned him down, “sorry, I don’t think I want to model” as I walked on It occurred to me “maybe I should have taken his number”. …What if? But then I think…NAH! I would rather be a Rock star. And walk on humming “god gave me everything ….by Mick jagger.


5 thoughts on “who? Me?

  1. the girl says:

    Awww, you should have at least taken his card! Never know what the future might hold.

  2. sophie says:

    hey nice post…nice blog me first time here
    where in delhi r u…
    i was there sometime back

  3. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    wahh! 13 is ma lucky number too … and ma birth date as well … probably tht’s one of the reasons i love da number!

    rock on!

  4. polo says:

    oh come on!!! the whole point of modeling is to meet hot people to you know.. meet with. You were sooo wrong! Now go start walking that road again till you run into that dude. You’re welcome. =)

    p.s. you got my blog off my sistah’s?

  5. Łóòň Ġãĺ says:

    Don’t believe it … u didnt accept da offer!!

    Looks like i didnt read ur post the other day … sorry abt leaving an irrelevant comment abt no. 13 n all …

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