okay ppl here is the tentative schedule for the DBM on the 18th. suggestions and improvements are always welcome and appreciated.So, we meet up at Humayuns tomb at 11am that gives us ample opportunity to bask in the winter sun. After the initial round of introductions ( we have nothing against squares,triangles and other assorted geometric figures) we shall proccede to our photography show/tell/teach thingy ahich will be (hopefully) followed by a cricket/football match….this match can also act as a photo subject for some who are more inclined to photography and do not want to dirty thier clothes with cricket/shriket…football/shhotball.ah…the games will be followd by lunch….which we can all go and eat at some joint or we can order takeaways and have a picnic in the sun……!!!with time and consensus some gaana bajaana will be appreciated….loads of fun expected…but only if you are there.oh and you need not be a blogger to be there (MSM spys are welcome too…..we are armed this time…lol) so you can bring along your freinds, brothers,sisters,aunties,uncles ….whatever….be there!!

7 thoughts on “DBM-IX

  1. Subiet says:

    i am looking for a team member for my http://www.indiaf1.blogspot.com blog which abt NK. are you or anyone else reading this interested

  2. sebia says:

    Send me the air tickets as well 2 attend:)
    Hi i am sebia..thnx fr leaving ur fottsteps in my arena…
    whts this fixation with no 13?
    nice blog..will read in detail

  3. Keshi says:

    wow looks like it’s gonna be one huge party…wish I was there…hang on a min, will I be able to swim across the Indian ocean? guess not lol!


  4. pradster13 says:

    hey sebia you ddont need tickets just fly on the flights of fantasy….i’ll post an account of the meet here…..thanx for the footprints…you are welcome.
    as for the number 13 well its been behind me since i was a kid…it was my roll no for 13 years…also brings a lot of luck to me. since ppl are so damn scared of a NUMBER its draws me to it. sach bole to mere ko pradster ID nahi mila so i opted for this….lol

  5. pradster13 says:

    and hey keshi,
    no i do not expect you to swim the oceans. we are trying to have a BIG party…will tell you about it in here..stay tuned…cheers

  6. Pallavi says:

    i love the building..
    oh and i love parties…

  7. pradster13 says:

    it just occured to me we are going to party in a tomb…a crypt….nasty…lol

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