The Fat Of The Land

Now you know they are “khate peete ghar ke” ladies, who love their pizzas and their pizza dude,but hate a workout.

4 thoughts on “The Fat Of The Land

  1. Lolly says:

    Neat picture, but I don’t understand what you wrote.

  2. pradster13 says:

    well let me explain…the term “khate peete ghar ke” denotes someone from a rich background, loosly translated it means well fed. i hope you get the BIG picture now….cheers

  3. Royal Bengal Turtle says:

    Dude, spare these women your fashion Gestapo antics. They might be a little on the plump side, but at least they don’t suffer from supermodel-syndrome (anorexia) like many girls in the West. No one should have bottoms like the blue-collar folks eating at McDonald’s, but we shouldn’t aspire to be skeletal frames like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.

  4. pradster13 says:

    hmmm, granted !!

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