Blame my Medulla oblongata

This is my new addiction. Every now and then in the middle of a conversation I twist my neck and it cricks. I initially thought this was cause for worry, it then became some kind of sick game, my sister is sick of my asking her if she heard it. My kiddo brother mocks me, and my friends; well they make a downright sick face. My mum tells me she’ll break my neck for good if I do it again. Even I am getting sick of myself twisting my neck or moving my head in circles interrupting my other activities. So I tried to find a solution and it is this!! ( click on the link to see the bloody effective solution)


2 thoughts on “Blame my Medulla oblongata

  1. priya says:

    lollll…..pallu. that pic:D.

  2. pradster13 says:


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