i need change..

no no i don’t need those 1 rupee,50 paisa and other assorted coins you are throwing…..yeah that 500 rupee bill would be fine, cheques accepted too…but that beyond the point. i need a change in life, maybe of life…i would not mind switching places with Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

anyways coming to a different topic, i was talking about a friend yesterday about people with gear lever embedded in their asses..lol and i was reminded of this incident which happened quite while ago. I am writing it here for the benefit of my reader and R.B.T. who happened to miss this awesome moment since he was slogging it out in dear Italia at that frame in history.
this happened when I was in eighth standard. The class was going on normally and Mr. garhwal Mohit Lohani was sitting in front of me on his desk. Now Mr. lohani is the same person who gave me the title “MASTER OF ALL NEGATIVE CREATION” in lieu of my services to twisted songwriting and humorous takes on everyone including him. Back to that fateful class now. Mr. lohani was apparently busy copying something from somebody sitting on a desk in front of him for which he had to lean forward and over the shoulder of whoever was sitting in front of him. I chanced upon this opportunity and placed a ball pen in an upright position where his ass was scheduled to arrive.
At the designated moment Mohit landed on the pen and immediately shrieked as the point of the ball pen poked into half of his posterior. Not wanting to draw attention to the embarrassing incident, he muffled his pain and after hurling at me choicest of words got down to business again.
I on the other hand am not a particularly quick learner..ha ha. So as soon as mohit got into his “peeking position” again I promptly put the pen back in position and what followed was a repeat of the above. This happened again and again till Mr. lohani was now conditioned into looking before sitting. So I gave up too.
Nearing the end of the class I decided it was time to have some fun since I was getting really really bored. I found mohit with his rear in the usual lift off position so I placed the pen back on the designated spot. I expected him to look before sitting and we would have had a laugh. Instead the reverse happened, this time mohit didn’t look , he didn’t even sit , he unfortunately jumped back on to his seat where the ball pen(this time capped) was waiting to greet him.
And greet him it did, I didn’t use that pen again. And mohit didn’t dare cry out at that point with a pen wedged in his ass. Everyone who saw it could not control their laughter….except poor lohani who till date behaves like he has something stuck up his ass…..


2 thoughts on “i need change..

  1. Laidback Girl says:

    You are awful lol

  2. Mohit Lohani says:

    To gauge my popularity (in a fit of vanity), I googled my name only to reach your blog and look down the memory lane. Lets be civil here: This ‘my pen up in Lohani’s ass’ anecdote should feature an adult warning atleast! And that is only till the time I don’t lay my hands on you (whereafter it will sport an illustrated RIP note.)

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