I first read about George best as a kid, the article described him as a “lost genius” and mostly rued how the footballer wasted his talent. The image created in my mind reading that article was that of a laggard, a dude who could have amounted to something had he tried harder, an underachiever.
He image stuck….till I saw best play. I watched reruns of old Manchester united matches on ESPN and it broke to smithereens all notions I had about best. He like his name was indeed one of the best I had ever seen play, if not the best. His ball control and balance was to be seen to believed. The goals that I saw him score were better the best Pele or Maradona ever produced. Best is not revered like them outside of the United Kingdom ….how different things would have been had he championed Northern Ireland to the world cup!
The fact that best was a rare genius was evident to my now widened eyes; his showmanship was the icing on the otherwise perfect cake. I was a convert.  There was a twist in the tale
Alcohol killed George best.
The bottle took charge in hi life. It robbed him and us of probably the best football of his life…it ruined everything.
But to look back with regret would be sacrilege to the greatness of George Best…here we are looking to the skies and thinking “Rest in peace Georgie, you left your mark on us, you will be missed and you will be remembered….forever”


One thought on “RIP THE BEST

  1. Sanjukta says:

    I don’t follow soccer except when its the World Cup but having read this obutary I wanna see Best in Action..may be I would catch the ESPN re-runs too…God Bless His soul

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