Beaten Red

Anybody cared to see what has been going on in JNU? Well not that I am concerned, it just occurred to me… do people at JNU do anything? That is other than organize all night debates, rallying against a café, showing black flags to the prime minister for voting against a country which has done noting for us, then going into another debate, another protest against the protest….
I suppose the higher beings at this cradle of “intellectualism” are not really concerned with things as mundane as regular studies or struggles of the real world like finding a job and other timid stuff like that. But no they are concerned that the coffee that they just drank filled the coffers of a company based outside of India, so the coffee must be helping burn houses of the poor in Bengal. Iran which is developing nuclear weapons must do so and brandish those arms…while we must not.
I have been reading the articles by sitaram yechury in the Hindustan times and I suppose they will make an excellent replacement for the comic strips for they are out and out hilarious. Supporting killer naxals claiming they are “misguided “farmers is akin to calling rape love in mutated form. I am not sure what this is yechury’s audacity or his sheer stupidity that makes him talk like he does. Then there was the natwar Singh episode where the left granted full support to the ex foreign minister for he made the right noises on Iran….I am running out of swear words but their antics fail to cease. Is there a way out?….I suppose these reds should just stay mum for A closed mouth gathers no feet.

On another note I propose to rename NDTV i.e. New Delhi television to ITV implying Islamabad television for they seem to have forgotten where exactly they are based, it’s best to base them where they belong. It’s easy to call our own home filthy…try living in the neighbor’s place which is more of a sewer. And please chuck that self righteous attitude and get real….while you are at chucking it chuck Barkha Dutt as well, she Is beginning to think that she is India’s Christian amanpour which is not a great model from any angle. Then she has that Pakistan complex too…


One thought on “Beaten Red

  1. a a says:

    have i written this was this stolen from me

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