more of the legend

I am not quite sure how I missed it; it is of course on of rohans most renowned capers. But I admit it did skip out of my mind for a short walk or something, but was dragged back as soon as the Royal Bengal Turtle reminded me…so here goes.
This incident dates back to circa 2001-02 when Senor Rohan had acquired a new shining silver Honda Activa scooter. On one fine day our hero decided to go with a friend on a spin to Connaught place. He had everything in order except for the small detail of possessing a valid driving license. To make matters worse he unwittingly jumped a red light and was promptly waylaid by a Home Guard constable who perhaps decided the opportunity was right to milk this cash cow of some of its booty. Our protagonist pleaded his innocence, begged for mercy then pleaded with the “cop”.  “I have only 1500 bucks with me” he claimed His assailant relented accepted the “small” amount and let him go. A gleeful Rohan later told me “I actually had 3000 bucks but I hid the remaining!”
I didn’t know to laugh or to cry, the fine for jumping a red light was only  a hundred bucks and the constable who stopped rohan didn’t have any power to enforce a fine rohan could have slapped him and walked away  yet the hairy one had paid 1.5 grand and was happy about it .
When told about of the ground reality rohan was expectedly red faced, but then he moved on till the next encounter with a fake cop that is…..


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