the great bear

Among my group of friends the status of a certain individual is unmatched, so much so he is often called “the legendary bear”.
The adventures of this enormously gifted individual have been an unlikely source of inspiration to all of us who have the pleasure of knowing him. His lessons to us have been taken very seriously ,it is in fact engrained in our very existence-“screw up” Unlikely motto for a legend, but then rohan is a legend for all the wrong reasons.
He is a self proclaimed defense expert. Who is famous for writing in the NTSE that the pinaka missile system was rather a rare tribe from nagaland. Everyone else including yours truly got it right. Only the defense expert ,who was teaching everyone the glories of the arjun MBT ,the assorted features of the F-16’s got it all wrong.
Needless to say that “blunder of my life” -as he called it- made him a laughing stock for the whole bunch. But rohan was made of sterner stuff.
No one in his class can forget those moments where they performed a Houdini act on him. After a hapless rohan was covered by a blazer lent by some generous being ..the magic began and some pulverizing blows later …mere pulp emerged…which spewed such niceties not capable of being reproduced here. That swearing however only had one effect, causing the mob to break out into a cacophony of laughter.
Rohan carried on. He decided learn better swear words…causing greater laughter and better pulverizing sessions. I was the ring leader of the mob, I think he knows this too.
Then there was the time this secretary (or was it joint secretary) of WARP the computer club thought he was trying to manipulate the directors (including me). Where as, it was the other way round. Poor rohan slogged out working his ass off while all the freeloading directors, me included were busy with our girlfriends.
The members of the hoi polloi i.e. the appointments , the prefects etc. will remember one interhouse quiz competition where nearly all questions were chosen with the sole purpose of not letting me win. And rohan was the chief architect, the question were picked out of another quiz competition which the rest of the contestants had attended except me, since I was sick at the time. It is time to confess – it is my turn, while rohan came clean that very day, I did not tell him that he had created the quiz well, the prelims specially. I knew all the answers in the main rounds anyways but I would not have been there if I had not cleared the prelims, which I struggled to complete.
I confess that I had indeed employed my cronies, all those juniors who he thought were assisting him, had supplied me with the answers to the prelims right before his eyes. Its pretty simple while he was only the secretary , I was the director, a prefect, house captain to be , some what of a bully ,the popular dude and a mentor to all those juniors …they looked up to me .
Those there might remember the looks of incredulity on the faces of rohan and his partners in crime ,when I aced the prelim and went on to win the quiz .never mind.
Others will remember the times when some enterprising individual replaced a “t” with an “r” on rohan’s business card. Making Tape recorders into something unfathomable.
There are people who have never thanked rohan for that fateful day When rohan asked us “why don’t you use your phone numbers as your passwords?…its easy to remember isn’t it?” it took a mere a mere night to deplete the 500 hours rohan had in his internet package to a big 0. we all knew his phone number we just didn’t know it was his password before he graciously told us innocently.
Then rohan was renowned in other schools as well, the girls in modern might remember the guy who put up posters with blatantly wrong spellings on their walls and their notice boards , inviting them to a “computer sYposium” (sic…well it is obviously not…but that what was on the poster!)
Rohan has since moved to blighty. Of all the things I have mentioned here I have not mentioned our 18 years of friendship (we are 22) I have not mentioned the camaraderie, the innumerable great moments spent together, I haven’t how great this friend of mine is….since he has finally decided to permanently move far away from where I am rooted chasing his own dreams …I will retain those memories , I will cherish them.


7 thoughts on “the great bear

  1. Sanjukta says:

    That’s such a sweet post…Hope Rohan reads this..School life would be so very incomplete without one such friend to cherish for life…

  2. pradster13 says:

    the best thing is that rohan ..who lived close to my place …has remained my freind throught school from day one to this date. even after i moved to a different part of the city. he and R.B.T( remain my best buddies….rbt deserves a post too….hes been my friend from day one of school….and maybe i am closer to him than rohan….but its like chooosing between your two hands!

  3. Royal Bengal Turtle says:

    excellent memoir, dear punjabi friend!

    your cherrypicking of rohan’s anecdotes over the years were delightful to say the least. you might also consider adding the Rs. 1500/- cleanup by the Home Guard in a future blog post. that surely was the funniest of them all!

  4. Rohan says:

    Well not all facts mentioned here are correct after all!!
    Cos why, why, why, why in the world of all things rational and insane, would our dearest friend pradster would write about any fact leading to his own ridicule!! 😉

  5. pradster13 says:

    well true…why would i?
    ha ha ha

  6. Rohan says:

    so there you go, why would our dear friend pradster bring ridicule to himself as so admitted by himself already. Then the most important question that arises is…. are all facts scribed above true!?!?!
    May the ‘orange’ force be with him! (he actually needs it!)

  7. pradster13 says:

    orange…or do you mean saffron ….??…ha ha ha

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