back in black

i have resumed blogging now that my exams are over, i must say i have just ben through the longest ten days of life.i have lots to write about but nothing to write with,i reformated my PC and i cannot find my office 2003 CD. hence this particular entry is being composed on “ye olde notepad”. i have to update and install the SP2 update as well (again!).with all most software trashed with the F.A.T.(file allocation table) i have to reinstall them as well, to get back on track .To add to my woes, my cousin is getting married this saturday and its keeping me busy, not to mention he has borrowed my car for the said purpose. i have ben shopping for the last two days and i am loving it,except the part where i have to pay….did i mention i bought a new wallet as well? but it for some reason feels much lighter than the old one……..!!


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