lessons from pradster

The problem with the desi cool dude is that he is an idiot. He and the rest of India believe all nonsense that Bollywood teaches them.
An example of this is how after dhoom everyone’s favorite sports bike is the Suzuki hayabusa. Hit me on the face with a shovel but do not repeat these lines on the telly please. We have film stars and wannabes all singing in unison the glories of the hayabusa. Just the other day I spotted a failed model/actor (in chronological order) saying how there were only two types of people those who rode Harley’s and those who rode haybusas…I suppose the rest of the world drowned into the pacific right?
The hayabusa- let me make it clear for everyone- is not a sports bike, it is in fact a sports tourer. A sports bike is light and agile where as the haybusa is a big tank meant for going in a straight line at the fastest possible speed. The hayabusa is home more on the free way rather than the race track.
Talking of sports bikes the gsx r1000 from which the hayabusa is derived is a much better package ,better still would be the ducati 999’s ,the Yamaha r1,the Honda fire blade etc.
And for the information of the failed model/actor/TV host/biker (in that order) there are other categories of people on two wheels… the moto rider, the super motard rider, the streetbike rider, the tourer, the sports tourer, the commuter, the chopper rider. And many more you dundhead.
And for the rest of the “bikers” who happen to read this article… get brains of your own boys …don’t believe everything that the movies tell you or for all we know you would also start playing the synth in a stupid tune to call jadoo!!

2 thoughts on “lessons from pradster

  1. paritosh says:

    sahi hai bidu!!

  2. a a says:

    I suppose the rest of the world drowned into the pacific right?

    too funny

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